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Master List: The Reveal 2013!

The fourth round of hp_prisonerfest has come to end, and it's time to announce the wonderful authors and artists who created our lovely gifts. It's been another incredible year with an amazing quality of both fic and art produced, and we're exceptionally grateful for all your hard work. We've had a great time modding and we hope you enjoyed yourselves too!

Participant usernames have been added to all entries, and all gifts have been stored in our memories with the labels 'Het', 'Slash', 'Femmeslash', 'Gen' and 'Threesome'. The memories have also been updated with the years, master lists and weekly round ups. All participants are now free to post their stories elsewhere and reply to their comments.

Statistics wise, our most popular pairing was Harry/Draco, featuring in three gifts, while our second most popular was jointly between Lucius/Harry, Snape/Harry, Rodolphus/Ron and Lucius/Narcissa, each featuring in two gifts each. All other pairings were only written once; once again, there was lots of variety! Our most popular characters were Hermione, with four appearances, and Lucius, Harry, Draco, Bellatrix and Ron joint second with three appearances each. We had eight het gifts, seven slash gifts, three femmeslash gifts, one threesome gift and no gen gifts.

We want to say a massive thank you to all of our lovely pinch hitters; we're very grateful for you stepping up! Gifts with an asterisk (*) at the end of them were completed by a pinch hitter.

Stay tuned, as there will be a surprise in the next few days for all participants, regular and pinch hitters :) Without further ado, here are the reveals!

belladonna1185 wrote Of Nothingness, to No One in Particular for janejenajeny

caitriona_3 wrote The Road Unplanned for flipflop_diva

dexstarr wrote Dark Freedom for nearlyconscious

flipflop_diva wrote Save You, Save Me for caitriona_3

flyingharmony wrote And the Bible Didn't Mention Us (Not Even Once) for gamma_x_orionis

gamma_x_orionis wrote To Be A Captive for dexstarr

halfbloodmalfoy wrote The Mercy of Time for The Community

imera wrote What Is Lost for The Community

janejenajeny wrote By Moonlight for belladonna1185

knowmefirst wrote and drew A Lost Soul for halfbloodmalfoy *

leontinabowie wrote Your Silent Whispers for sonata_de_morte

amorette wrote Neither Stone nor Iron for The Community *

nearlyconscious drew Corps et âme for The Community

pristineungift wrote I'll Try to Keep You for leontinabowie *

rzzmg wrote Despicable Things for imera *

scarletladyy wrote Needs Must for flyingharmony *

sonata_de_morte wrote Fifty-Two Weeks for sunseticmonster

sunseticmonster wrote Live It Out for The Community

Thank you for another wonderful round. We hope to see you back here next year! ♥
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