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What Is Lost (Part IV of IV) - A gift for The Community!

Title: What Is Lost
Author: imera
Recipient: The Community
Pairing(s): Rabastan/Ron, Rabastan/Ron/Rodolphus, Rodolphus/Ron, Rabastan/Rodolphus, Ron/Bill, multiple/Ron
Word Count: ~30700
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, torture, humiliation, whipping, spanking, non-con, dub-con, object insertion, big object insertion, orgasm play, threesome, double penetration, incest play, fisting, puppy play, incest, wax play, public humiliation, power struggle, gang bang, bukkake, werewolf beastiality, Stockholm syndrome, bondage, forced incest
Summary: Captured by the Lestrange brothers, Ron was certain he would die, but they had other plans for him.
Author's Notes: Lot's and lots of love to both the mods for the extensions, I would never have finished this story without the extra time. And a lot of love to my beta who doesn't like long stories, but was willing to help me. I hope this story will be liked by the community.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are the property of JK Rowling. I make no money from this work.


When Ron woke up the next morning, he was all alone. The first thing he tried to do was to leave the bedroom, but the door was locked. Ron figured the only reason why Rabastan would lock the door was because Bill might still be in the house.

He wanted to break down the door, but that would certainly mean he'd be punished, and if they really wanted to be mean, they'd make sure Ron would never see his brother again.

Not wanting to be punished, Ron sat down in the chair and read a book until breakfast was served. When the food was consumed, he returned to the book, barely able to understand the words as he couldn't stop thinking about his brother.

When Rabastan returned, Ron jumped up like an obedient puppy that expected some sort of treat. "Eager, are you?" Rabastan laughed.

"I just—" Ron started before he was interrupted by Rabastan.

"Calm down, I know what you wanted. Your brother isn't hurt; he's been recovering from the transformation. We even allowed the house-elf to tend to him."

"Thank you," Ron said, realising how stupid it sounded to thank them for helping his brother when they were a part of the reason Bill was a full werewolf.

"And because of your excellent behaviour, we've decided to give you two a treat once he's fully recovered, in a day or two."

"What kind of treat?" Ron curiously asked. They often gave him treats, but most times they were sexual and more of a treat to them than Ron.

"We thought that since you enjoyed your brother that much yesterday, that maybe you wanted to enjoy him some more." Ron couldn't help blushing when he thought about the previous night; Bill tied up, turned, fucking Ron like a wild animal. "Come, I want to to fuck you before anyone else gets the chance to do it."

Ron didn't protest as Rabastan pulled him over to the bed; all he could think about was his brother, and how wrong it was that he was turned on by the thought of being fucked by him again.


Ron couldn't wait to see Bill again, something both Rabastan and Rodolphus noticed, and often commented on. Ron chose not to pay any attention to them mocking him and thought about Bill instead, hoping he wasn't hurt.

Two days after the full moon, Ron was finally allowed to see his brother. Rabastan told him to make sure he was clean that night, and Ron knew that the occasion was special.

When the night was upon them, and Ron clean, Rabastan told him to get on the bed and wait. Ron did as told, wondering what they planned to do.

About five minutes later, the door opened, and Rodolphus pushed Bill into the room. Ron's heart jumped when he saw his brother.

"Ron," Bill said, running the short distance between the door and the bed, wrapping his arms around him. "Are you hurt?" Bill asked.

"No," Ron said, feeling horrible that the only reason he was in such good health was because he'd submitted to the Lestranges.

"I promise you, once we get out of this mess you never have to do anything you don't want to." Ron looked away, not wanting his brother to see just how embarrassed he was.

Ron wondered when he became as twisted as the Lestrange brothers, and if it was ever possible to return back to his former self.

"That's enough small chat; we didn't bring you together so you can catch up." Rodolphus said as he sat down on the chair.

"You can't be serious. He's my little brother, wasn't the full moon enough?" Bill snapped, wrapping his arms around Ron like he used to do when Ron was young.

"Rabastan's my little brother as well, but that didn't stop us from fucking each other whenever we felt like it. And even if you think it's disgusting, your little brother wants it." In that exact moment, Bill turned towards Ron, who wished he'd died during his first week.

Bill didn't say a word, but his silence was more than enough for Ron. "I'm sorry," Ron whispered, not sure if he wanted Bill to hear it or not.

"We thought that if you both behave, we'd let you sleep together tonight," Rabastan said with a smile. Ron looked up, wondering if they were telling the truth or simply lying to get what they wanted. Either way, Ron wanted his brother.

"You've tortured him far too much; why don't you let him be and torture me instead?"

"Tsk tsk, foolish boy. We punish whenever it's needed; it's the sex we want, so unless you obey, we'll punish your brother." Bill looked torn between doing the right thing and keeping his brother safe, which meant they had to fuck. Ron was still too embarrassed to let Bill know that he wanted it, so he said nothing.

"Ron, why don't you tell your brother just how much you want to ride his cock?" Rabastan told Ron.

"I really want it, Bill," Ron mumbled, his body turning hotter every minute as he knew his brother was staring.

"You've brainwashed him into being your little puppet, you sick bastards."

Just then Rabastan lifted his wand and pointed it at Ron, who Bill instantly tried to hide behind him. Ron was never afraid of being punished, because he never really did anything bad, but being punished because of Bill's actions could mean that he'd once again feel their rage.

"Bill," Ron said and put his hand on Bill's shoulder. Bill turned around, looking slightly nervous. "You don't need to fight them for me; you won't win." Bill was about to reject him when Ron attacked him with his lips, holding Bill close and hoping he'd stop fighting soon.

Bill didn't respond to his kiss like Ron first responded to the Lestranges, which made him feel like a failure. Hating himself, he pulled away from Bill, moving up to the pillow and wrapping his arms around his legs, hiding his face in shame.

"Ron, I'll get you out of here, I promise." Bill then turned towards Rabastan and said quite determined, "If you release my brother I'll do everything you want."

"Why don't you do your brother a favour and fuck him? I'm starting to lose patience and when I get angry I can be worse than Rodolphus." Ron hadn't seen Rabastan so angry that he was worse than Rodolphus before, but he believed him.

Not wanting Bill to worsen the situation, Ron decided to take charge. Crawling over to Bill, Ron wrapped his arms around Bill's neck and pulled him into a hug. "Bill, they might have brainwashed me, but I don't mind it so much. I have a lot of good sex." Admitting it to his brother was harder than he expected, but it was the only way. "And I know it's wrong, but the sex we had while you were transformed was the best sex I've had so far. I know wanting to fuck your own brother is wrong, but it turns me on so much."

"Ron," Bill said. Afraid that Bill would try to convince him that it wasn't really his thoughts, Ron decided to use a different way to get what he wanted.

"All I could think of these last days was how good it was to suck your cock, and how good it was when you fucked me. I want you again." He then grabbed Bill's cock, which wasn't completely limp, and rubbed it until Bill couldn't hold back a groan. "I really want you, Bill, I want you to fuck me." Ron used Bill's arousal against him and moved down to suck on Bill's neck while he continued to rub his cock. "Do you like this?" Ron asked, which Bill replied to by groaning.

Pleased that he had such power over Bill as well, Ron straddled Bill's lap and pushed him down against the bed. Using his own hard cock, he rubbed against Bill's while he continued to take care of Bill's neck, his lips and his clothes. Eventually Bill's chest was revealed, and Ron could take in Bill's amazing body. "You're so beautiful," Ron said before he reached for Bill's trousers.

"This is so wrong," Bill moaned, barely able to open his eyes.

"It is, but that makes it so much hotter," Ron moaned in reply, grinding his cock against Bill's.

Smiling, Ron reached for Bill's hard prick, pulling it out before he swallowed it, and made sure that Bill would forget everything about them being brothers. Ron didn't want to forget; it was actually one of the things that turned him on so much. Ron heard noises behind them, and realised that both Rabastan and Rodolphus were occupied with each other.

He realised that Bill was not like others, who knew what they should do next, who knew that Ron had to be prepared before they could proceed. "Bill," Ron whispered.

"Yes," Bill replied, grabbing Ron's hair as he continued to suck.

Taking a short break, Ron stared at his brother, who seemed to be lost. "I really want to fuck you, but could you prepare me first, so it won't hurt?" Ron could have done it himself, but he loved it more when his partners did it.

"I don't know how to do it," Bill replied.

Glad that Bill wasn't against it, Ron reached for his private bottle of lube, which he could use if he was alone and bored when the Lestranges were out. "Make sure your fingers are properly lubed, and then insert one finger into me. You fuck me with that finger until I'm stretched and lubed."

Bill looked nervous, but he didn't protest, and after Ron made sure two of his fingers were covered in lube, he positioned himself so Bill could play with his arse while he continued to suck Bill.

The first time he felt Bill's fingers by his entrance, slowly pushing against his warm hole, Ron almost lost it. "Fuck, Bill," he gasped.

"I'm sorry, does it hurt?" Bill quickly pulled his fingers away from Ron's arse.

"No, you barely touched me. It's just that a touch is almost enough to make me come." Bill, who was still insecure about what he was doing as well as their position, reached for Ron's arse again, finding his hole before pushing his finger into Ron. Ron cried out in pleasure, his whole body trembling. He wanted more, and Bill was willing to give it to him, pushing his finger even deeper into Ron.

"Oh Bill, it feels so good," Ron gasped. His reaction must have increased Bill's confidence because Bill grabbed Ron and pulled him up so they could kiss. Ron loved Bill's eagerness once he allowed himself to enjoy him, and hoped that as time passed, Bill wouldn't hold back.

Wrapping his arms around Ron, Bill was able to enter both his index fingers into Ron's bottom, stretching him as as the passion between them increased. "I want you inside me," Ron groaned as Bill stretched him even further. Bill's answer was an animalistic growl before he tried to grab his prick and enter Ron's hole. Sitting up, Ron helped him by parting his cheeks. Slowly, he sat down on Bill's cock, enjoying it as it slowly entered his arse.

Ron used that opportunity to look behind him, and what he saw almost shocked him. Rabastan was bent across the chair, and Rodolphus sat behind him, licking his arse. Ron moaned at the sight, and wished he could continue to watch, but the sight beneath him was far more interesting.

"This is so wrong," Bill said, sounding more as if he was trying to convince himself of the fact.

"But it feels so good," Ron replied, which Bill groaned to.

With Bill's cock buried deep inside him, Ron positioned himself so it would be easier for him to ride. Slowly, he moved, wanting to savour the feeling as long as possible before his passion took over and he rode Bill until he came.

Bill's large hands wrapped around Ron's hips, at first simply holding him before he couldn't hold himself, and started to guide Ron. He didn't mind Bill taking the lead, but Ron was still not fully satisfied. He wanted to come without having to masturbate too much.

"Can you tell me something?" Ron asked. Bill opened his eyes and stared at Ron a while before finally answering.


"Tell me I've been a bad brother," Ron requested. Bill didn't refuse to do it, but the riding slowed down, which made Ron fear was the end.

"Really? Won't that make the situation worse?"

Ron almost laughed by Bill's question, but tried instead to hold himself while answering. "I love dirty talk, it will only make it better for me."

"Are you sure?" Bill looked slightly scared.

"I'm a hundred percent positive."

It looked like Bill struggled with himself to decide if he should do it or not. Luckily for Ron, he decided to try it. "You've been a bad brother," he said, his voice shaking slightly from the nervousness.

"Oh yes," Ron replied, closing his eyes so he could enjoy it far more. "Tell me what I deserve." Ron didn't know how long it would take before Bill decided it was too much and stopped, so Ron decided to push him as far as he was able to.

"You deserve a spanking, for being such a bad brother." A fuzzy feeling passed through Ron's body, making him moan as he continued to ride Bill.

"Oh, more, fuck, tell me more." Ron's fingers curled themselves around Bill's arms, using it as extra power to ride harder.

"Shit, Ron, this is..." Ron didn't need to know the ending in order to know what his brother was thinking; he felt the exact same thing. "Ah, bad brother, fuck, you need to be punished, and you better not tell mum and dad, ah, Ron."

Ron's head was already filled with cotton, and while he heard Bill's words, the only reply he could give was a deep growling or cries as he came closer to his orgasm. "Bill, I love you so much," Ron said before he was blinded by his intense orgasm.

He screamed, his cock stirring as come pumped out of it, landing on Bill's sweaty body. A few seconds after his orgasm, Bill came as well, deep inside Ron who was so numb from coming. Ron loved the role play which wasn't really play since he really was fucking his brother, but reminders didn't hurt.

Exhausted, Ron let himself fall down next to Bill, his hand resting on his brother's chest. From the other side of the room, Ron heard Rabastan and Rodolphus groan deeply in passion while fucking each other, Rodolphus taking Rabastan's arse with his large cock.

When Ron lifted his head to see, he felt his cock stir; he'd just come, but seeing them together made Ron realise just how close they were, and he wondered if he and Bill would be that close.

"They clearly lost interest in us," Bill said. Ron turned around and stared at his brother, who was staring at the Lestranges.

That was when he realised his hand was resting on top of something sticky: his own come. Having become the perverted person he was, he instantly stuck out his tongue and started licking Bill's chest. "Ron, you don't have to do that; they're not watching." Ron heard the struggles in Bill's voice, probably loving the sight but knowing it was still wrong.

"But I want to," Ron pouted before returning to Bill's well formed chest, making sure to do more than lick.

He was pleased when he'd gotten all of it, but because he wasn't satisfied yet, he grabbed the base of Bill's cock and swallowed it, using every trick he knew to make Bill hard again.

"Fuck, Ron, this is so wrong," Bill said, his hand fisted into Ron's hair, guiding Ron until he moved just like Bill wanted. Using the spit that ran down the base of Bill's prick, Ron moved his hand between Bill's arse cheeks, finding his entrance and slowly teasing it. Because Bill hadn't protested, Ron took a chance and pushed his finger inside Bill.

Bill's arse clenched around the finger, before slowly relaxing. Only then did Ron move deeper, hoping Bill's spot was in the same place as his own.

He knew the exact moment he found Bill's prostate; his whole body tensed and Bill groaned deeply, pushing his cock deeper down Ron's mouth and clenching his arse. "Ron, fuck, ah..." Ron loved hearing his brother trying to speak, but he loved it even more when his brother wasn't able to make a single sound.

It took a few minutes longer, but Ron succeeded in making Bill come. His whole body trembled as Bill came inside Ron's mouth, which Ron swallowed like the good boy he was. Pulling away from Bill, Ron realised Rodolphus was still not done, but they were, and Bill had even come twice.

"That was incredible," Bill groaned, wrapping his arms around Ron when he lay down next to him.

"It was," Ron replied, loving the cuddling.

"I'm so tired," Bill said a few seconds later.


"I can't, I must protect you from them." Ron thought it was adorable that Bill wanted to save him, but the one who needed saving was Bill. He thought of replying, but noticed that Bill's eyes were closed.

Wrapped up in Bill's arms, Ron wasn't able to get up without his brother waking up. At least he could watch the Lestranges as they continued to fuck each other, before both came and collapsed.

Only when they were done did they realise that Bill was sleeping. "How was it?" Rabastan asked, smiling.

"Amazing," Ron replied, knowing he had a goofy smile.

"Good, because I imagine we want to do this more often. Why don't you sleep now? You deserve it, especially after the show you put on." Ron wanted to say the same, but decided to simply close his eyes and enjoy the warmth of his brother's body pressed against his own.


When Ron woke the next day, he felt something poke his back. It didn't take long before he realised that it was Bill's morning wood, and knowing that, his own cock hardened.

If it was Rabastan, Ron would have tried to slowly wake him by rubbing his back against the prick until Rabastan woke up, but with Bill, Ron decided to do something different.

Slowly he slipped out of Bill's arms and removed the duvet, exposing Bill's hard cock. Without wasting more time, he bent down and swallowed Bill's cock. He felt it grow in his mouth as Bill was still gone. It took a few minutes for Bill's body to react, but slowly it started to wake up. Bill groaned, his hips moving like they wanted to fuck Ron's mouth, something he didn't mind at all.

Ron wasn't sure when Bill was fully aware of the situation, but once he knew what was happening, Bill was struggling between doing the right thing and allowing Ron to continue. "You don't have to do this; they're not here," he said right before groaning deeply.

"But I want to." Even if he wanted, Ron stopped sucking; instead he straddled Bill, their cocks laying between them, rubbing against each others. "I really want it, to feel you inside me again." Bill wasn't immune to Ron and a deep moan filled the room while Bill dug his fingers into Ron's hips.

Grabbing Bill's cock, Ron positioned himself on top of it, slowly sitting down. Because he wasn't prepared, he hoped his spit was more than enough and that his arse still had lube from the previous night. Without too many complications, the cock disappeared inside Ron, and the little stinging that occurred quickly disappeared as the whole cock entered him. As soon as he moved, he completely forgot about the discomfort.

"Oh Bill," Ron moaned, moving faster when he found a good rhythm.

"Do you want me to say the same as yesterday?" Bill asked, his fingers pulling at Ron's arse cheeks.

"Fuck yes, that was so hot." Bill didn't reply, but his cock pulsed a few times inside Ron, so he knew Bill liked it as well.

"I never imagined I'd be fucking my little brother, or that he'd be such a cock slut."

Ron moaned as he continued to fuck Bill, his cock pulsing between them. "More, Bill, it's so good, I won't be able to last long."

"Fuck, I can't last long either, Ron, this is just so good." Ron moaned in agreement. "It's just so wrong; you're my little brother."

"Yes, just imagine what people would say if they found out we were fucking," Ron gasped, loving the thought but hoping nobody discovered them.

"Ron, fuck," Bill said. Ron thought he wanted to say more, but Bill grabbed Ron's waist and threw him down on the bed next to him. For a short second Ron feared he didn't want to fuck any longer, but then Bill got up and moved between Ron's legs. One hand on his cock and the other on Ron's arse, spreading his arse, Bill pushed into Ron without wasting another second.

"Fuck me, Bill, don't be afraid to release yourself." Ron barely had time to finish before Bill pressed his lips against Ron's, kissing him passionately until Ron didn't have any more breath left. Ending the kiss, Bill moved closer to Ron, lifting Ron's legs above his arms before he started pounding into Ron like his life depended on it. Ron barely had the chance to breathe as his mind disappeared into a land of pleasure.

"Ah, Ron, my fucking little brother, I love your arse, it feels so good." Ron was pulled towards the edge faster than he thought possible, his balls starting to pull together in the familiar way.

"Oh yes, Bill, use me like the slut I am," Ron was able to say while Bill violently thrusted into him, stimulating his prostate until Ron's groans turned into screams of pleasure.

Ron was the first to come, screaming like a maniac as his come sprayed all over his chest and face and his brother fucked his arse.

Bill wasn't that far behind. Groaning like an animal, he slammed into Ron a few last times before saying something Ron didn't catch. Right after he was done, Bill fell down on top of Ron.

Sweaty and exhausted, the two continued to lie like that a while before Bill moved down next to Ron, their arms and legs tangled together.

A little later that day when Rabastan decided to visit the two of them, he found them still in bed, the room smelling of sex. "I see you've enjoyed yourself," he said, Bill instantly hiding his most private parts while Ron continued to like what he was seeing as he was comfortable being naked around Rabastan.

"I thought I'd come home and have a little fun before we head out on a small mission. What do you say to a little double penetration, Ron?"

Ron didn't speak, but his smile was all Rabastan needed in order to know that his little sex toy loved the idea of being fucked by two cocks again.

After that day, both Rabastan and Rodolphus decided that Ron and Bill could stay in the same room, and they often visited. Bill never stopped planning their escape, but nothing he did ever worked, not that Ron minded it that much, not when he could enjoy his brother another day.



The day everything changed for Ron was the day he saw a rainbow on the horizon. It started like any other ordinary day; he woke up and started playing with Bill and Rabastan, ending up sandwiched between them as both fucked him.

Before Rabastan left, he mentioned something about it being a big day, and left without explaining—not that Ron thought he'd want to tell them his plans.

Later that night, while Bill was trying to come up with another escape plan, and Ron tried to think of new positions they could try, the house shook.

"Is it an earthquake?" Ron asked, worrying that it would continue and the house would fall.

"No, it was magic," Bill replied, resting a hand against the wall. "It's the core that changed." Ron wanted to ask how he knew that, but then remembered Bill's occupation as a curse breaker.

"What can cause a core to change?" Ron asked, pretending as if he knew what a magic core in a house was.

"Several reasons. It can change when the owner of a house sells his home, or when the government takes it, or death. There are many more explanations but those are the three big ones."

"So does that mean he's died?"

"I don't know, but something happened that changed it."

Ron continued to sit on the bed, not sure what to think. If Rabastan did die, and unless the magic allowed them to leave the house, they would have to wait until the new owners came. Ron was certain that unless Rodolphus was dead as well, he'd get the estate since Ron didn't think Rabastan had any children.

However, even if the core did change, the food was still sent up to their rooms, meaning the house-elves still followed their former orders.

"What if nobody comes?" Ron asked late that night as he lay in Bill's arms.

"Don't worry, someone will find us."

"If he's dead, and the dark side lost, do you think there will be a chance that the Aurors will find us?"

Bill had to think longer than usual before answering.

"They will want to find every Death Eater, so I imagine they will want to search through their homes." Ron liked that answer, but that also lead to one problem.

"And if they find us, what do we tell them? They will know that we've done things against our wills, but I don't want them to know everything, especially not about us." Bill smiled sweetly and pulled Ron into his embrace. Ron wrapped his arms around his older brother, worrying that everyone would think he was pathetic for everything he'd allowed them to do to him.

"Then we won't tell them about what we've done together." Pleased, Ron moved so he was more comfortable in Bill's arms. Sitting so close to Bill tempted him, but the insecure situation stopped him from doing anything he really wanted to.

That night they went to bed without seeing anyone, neither one of the Lestrange brothers or anyone else.

It was early in the morning that things started to happen. Suddenly the house shook again, that time harder than before. Ron and Bill woke up and jumped out of bed, putting on a few clothes.

"What's happening?" Ron asked. From the first floor they heard shouting and people running through the house.

"I think it's the Aurors," Bill replied, running over to the door and opening it.

"Someone's upstairs," they heard a man say from the first floor, before there was more running, that time up the stairs.

"Show yourself,; the house is surrounded, you have nowhere to run!" the same man shouted.

Bill jumped out of the room, his arms lifted above his head. "I'm Bill Weasley, son of Arthur Weasley, held captive here with my younger brother Ron Weasley," he said just before the Aurors reached them. "We're innocent."

"Blimey, it's really him," someone said.

"We still have to take precautions, Mr Weasley, until it's confirmed you are who you say you are. I'll ask you kindly to turn around and put your arms behind your back."

"That's completely fine," Bill replied and did as they wanted.

"And you said your brother is here with you?"

"Ron," Bill called. "Do as they tell you, it's ok; it's the Aurors."

Ron never expected to be freed, and so fast, and if he was completely alone he could have done something that made them attack him, but with Bill there, he was calm and followed his instructions. The Aurors tied them up with magic before asking them to follow them, something neither boy refused to do.

They were then brought to the Ministry, which looked like a mess, before put in separate rooms where they had to wait until they could be interrogated. Before they left, they were both given food and water so they wouldn't starve.

Ron felt worse for every second he was in that room, waiting for them to come. At least in the house he had a bathroom, books, and a bed; in that room there was nothing besides a table, two chairs and the food they'd given him.

When the door opened, after what felt like several hours, Ron expected two large Aurors entering, planning to scare him into admitting everything that had happened to him, but that was not what entered the room; it was his parents. Crying, they wrapped their arms around him, hugging him so hard that he feared he'd suffocate.

"My poor boy, we feared the worst had happened. You have no idea how glad I am to see you," his mother said, continuing to talk until she was out of breath. Arthur was quieter, but he cried just as much.

Once they were done, Bill was brought into the room, Fleur standing next to him. It didn't surprise any of them that it ended up in a large group hug with crying, comforting and lots of love.

Both Bill and Ron were allowed to leave that same day. Bill went home with his wife, promising to visit Molly as soon as they were settled, and Ron was taken home. He tried to listen to his mother when she told him about everything that had happened while he was gone, about Hogwarts, and about Harry and Hermione. Ron listened, but all he could think about was how different things would be.

Hermione and Harry had been occupied with other things that day and weren't informed of Ron's situation before late that night. Not wasting a second, they Apparated to the Burrow and ran in to find their good friend. Hermione wrapped her arms around Ron and so did Harry, neither one releasing before they were sure it was really him.

Ron was happy to see his friends, and to see them alive and well, but he was still not comfortable in his new situation.

"I'm sorry I left. I tried to return, but I couldn't find you, and then the Death Eaters found me." Neither Harry nor Hermione blamed him; they were too happy to see him alive.


Slowly, things returned to normal, or as normal as they could be after everything Ron had been through. He had discovered he was held captive for almost four months—from the middle of October to the end of February—and even if they were sometimes difficult and horrible months, they were some of the most amazing months of his life.

He tried to return to his old life, where eating, Quidditch and being an ordinary teenager were the only things he did, but it was a difficult thing to do, especially when he found himself to be horny all day. Luckily his room was secure enough so he could enjoy the occasional long and slender vegetable up his arse, since he was too afraid to buy a dildo in case someone would find it.

It was difficult to return to the life he once had, and even harder when people treated him as if he was his old self. Ron tried to tell them that he didn't like the same things any longer, but it was difficult to tell his family and friends the truth, that they didn't know him.

The worst day was when his mother decided to throw him a birthday party and invite almost everyone they knew. Ron told her he didn't want it, only to quickly tell her he didn't care when it looked like she was about to cry.

That was how he ended up sitting by the corner on a day that normally would have been one of the best days of his life. Every guest had arrived, he'd thanked them for their presents, he'd blown out the candles and then sat down, hoping that wishing to be invisible worked just like the Invisibility Cloak.

There was no such luck as the guests kept returning, wanting to ask him how it was to be a prisoner, or to hear how happy he was that he was finally free. Ron managed to stay strong, reply and smile to each guest; it wasn't until Bill came and asked how he was that he lost it and ran out of his own party.

"Fuck," Ron moaned and hit the door with his fist. He wished he had Harry's ability to return to his life as if nothing had happened; instead he struggled with everything, especially people.

There was a knock on his door. "Ron, can I come in?" Bill asked.

Bill was the only person Ron cared about seeing in that moment; he was the only person who knew what Ron had gone through, the only one who could relate. Opening the door, he took a step back as Bill walked into the centre of the room, looking worried.

"Is it difficult to be back?" he asked. Ron nodded, mentally cursing everyone who couldn't see just how hard it was for him.

"I never thought I'd say this but, I miss being their fuck toy."

"Don't call yourself that. They called you that to make you feel worthless."

"I don't care what they called me, I just loved being there, being fucked by them whenever they wanted me, doing all those different things, using the dildo whenever I was alone and horny. I know they've probably destroyed me, made me gay as well as perverse, but I liked it. My problem is that I can't show that side of myself without having to go to a therapist because of the trauma of being imprisoned."

"You don't know that," Bill said, sounding confident.

"If they discover the truth they will force me to go, and then I'll be labeled as crazy or something like that."

"Then don't tell them."

Ron smiled, not sure if his brother was joking or not. "I'm not stupid. It just gets harder each day to be around people, who think that talking about being imprisoned will help me. All I want is return to how things were. I didn't have a life, but I loved being fucked by two cocks, I loved sucking cock, I want your cock." Unable to control himself, Ron closed the little space between him and his brother and reached for Bill's trousers.

Bill grabbed Ron's hands, stopping him before he had the chance to do anything. "You don't have to do that any longer Ron, and if you find it difficult to live here, then why don't you move?"

"I can't move, I don't think I can even hold a job in the state I'm in. And I don't have to do this, I know that, but I really want to. Every day I masturbate or fuck my arse with those vegetables, and all I can think of in those moments is you and your cock." Bill then reacted in the same way as Ron did in the beginning of his training, blushing and struggling to speak.

"Ron," he said, only to be interrupted by Ron.

"No matter what you say, I'm sure you've been thinking about me, maybe even while you fuck Fleur." Bill didn't reply, instead he released Ron's hands.

"Nobody can know about this," Bill said, determined. Ron smiled, deciding not to mention that he never planned to tell anyone, that if he did, he'd most likely be locked away in St Mungo's.

"It will be our little secret," he whispered, finding his wand and placing the strongest silencing as well as locking charm he knew on the room. Bill was still staring at Ron, his cock quickly hardening between his legs, Ron noticed.

He threw away his wand and turned his attention to Bill's hardening cock, squeezing it in his palm, forcing a deep groan out of Bill.

Ron didn't give Bill a chance to do anything before pushing him against the bed, smiling when Bill fell backwards on the soft mattress. "Fuck, I want you so badly," Ron said, crawling on top of Bill and kissing him deeply.

"Ron," Bill gasped, grabbing Ron's arms, pulling him into a deeper kiss. Only when Ron started grinding his cock against Bill's did the kiss end. Ron continued to tease Bill like that until he couldn't take it any longer. Standing, he grabbed Bill's trousers as well as his underwear and pulled them off. Seeing Bill's hard cock as it jumped around whenever his brother moved sent more blood rushing down to his own cock.

Grabbing his sweater, he pulled it off, throwing it against the wall before reaching for his trousers. While he undressed himself, Bill took off his own clothes.

When every piece of cloth was off, Ron crawled back on his bed, kissing his way up Bill's chest until he reached his neck. Bill's hands travelled across Ron's naked body, down to his arse. Ron moved slightly around so it would be easier for Bill to prepare him. He handed him the small bottle of lube which Ron made for his personal use.

Bill's lubed finger easily found Ron's entrance, and slipped inside without trouble. Ron pushed back against the finger, wanting more than a finger. Bull must have known what he wanted because he pushed a second finger into Ron, fucking Ron until all he could do was moan and push back against the fingers.

"Bill, you're killing me," Ron said, his cock rubbing against Bill's chest, threatening to come all over Bill.

Ron grabbed Bill's hard cock and pumped it a few times before telling Bill to remove his fingers. Bill obeyed and shifted on the bed so it would be easier for Ron on top. Grabbing Bill's hard cock, Ron positioned it against his hole, slowly slipping it inside him.

Ron gasped for air when Bill's cock moved deep inside him, bending in ways that the vegetable didn't. Slowly he moved, his arse stretched around Bill's hard cock, Bill's hands placed firmly on Ron's hips. Faster and faster Ron moved, gasping when it felt as if the cock went even deeper than before.

His cock bounced between them, leaking while Ron continued to ride Bill, who groaned loudly. "Tell me something," Ron begged, his fingers curling against Bill's chest, wanting to run his nails down Bill's chest but fearing it would destroy the moment.

"Are you sure you're not trying to kill me?" Bill asked, laughing slightly before pulling Ron down for a kiss. "I thought everything would return to normal again, but I see now it won't, it can't." Ron sat up and started moving again, moaning while listening to Bill's voice.

"This is so wrong, fucking my little brother while my pregnant wife is downstairs, thinking I'm here to cheer you up."

"But you are cheering me up," Ron gasped, letting his head roll back.

"Normally cheering someone up doesn't mean fucking them, especially not when it's your own brother," Bill answered, digging his nails into Ron's hips while slamming his cock into him. "This is so wrong, everyone we know is downstairs, eating cake, drinking, dancing; and I'm here, fucking you."

Ron's body trembled slightly, his cock pulsing as it bounced between them. "I know this is wrong, but it feels so good," Ron moaned.

"Damn right it feels good," Bill said, grabbing Ron and pulling him down, kissing him. When the kiss was over, he didn't release Ron, instead he jumped off the bed, held Ron against him, his cock still buried in Ron, before he pressed Ron against the wall. It took Ron a second to realise just how close they were to the window, and how easy they could be spotted if anyone thought of looking at his window. The curtain helped hide them, but not enough.

"Don't you want to be fucked here?" Bill asked, his voice mocking Ron. Bill moved closer and kissed Ron's neck. "Are you afraid they will see us fucking, that they will see just how twisted and dirty we are?"

"I can't take this much longer, Bill. I need to come."

"Is that what you want?" Bill asked, continuing to kiss Ron's neck as he still held him up. "Is that your birthday wish?"

"Ahh, my wish is for you to fuck me like this often, I need it."

"Mmmm, maybe you'll get your wish, because I don't think I can stay away from you."

Moving slightly so it would be easier for him to support Ron while fucking him, Bill thrusted into Ron, making him gasp for air.

"Maybe they were right, you are a fuck toy."

"Yes I am," Ron replied, loving to hear someone call him that again. "Call me a whore," he asked, wanting to return to his past.

"Fuck, Ron, I won't be able to hold myself much longer." Ron's whole body was pushed against the wall, Bill thrusting into him like an animal in heat, unable to stop. "Just think what people would say if they saw us now." Bill released Ron and turned him around, bending his upper body until he could enter him from behind. "My baby brother, a slut, both for Death Eaters and for his own brother."

"Bill, more," Ron begged, his legs spread as Bill pounded into him from behind, his fingers wrapped around his own cock.

"More? You don't deserve more, you've not earned more from me. Next time you need to earn your orgasm; you only get off easy this time because it's your birthday. Every day after this will be my birthday."

"Yes, harder," Ron screamed, pumping his cock like a maniac while Bill took him from behind. Opening his eyes a moment, Ron saw several guests walk around the still snowy ground, all happy, not knowing what was happening in his room. "I can't hold it any longer," Ron gasped, struggling to stand as his orgasm took over. "Bill!" he screamed, trying to hold onto something.

"I'm coming as well," Bill cried right before come pulsed out of his cock.

When the worst had passed, Bill wrapped his arms around Ron's waist and pulled him over to the bed, his cock still inside Ron's worn hole. Falling down on the bed, Bill wrapped his legs around Ron's, nuzzling on his neck.

They stayed like that a long time before Ron asked the question he couldn't stop thinking about. "Will you really do this again?"

There was a long silence behind him; the only thing Ron heard was Bill's still exhausted breathing. "We both know that this is wrong, but as you said, multiple times, that's what makes it hot. I don't know how often I can sneak away, but I'm certainly going to try."

"At least nobody will suspect anything since you're seeing your brother," Ron said, giggling slightly because of how ridiculous it actually was.

"No, they certainly won't." Bill tightened his embrace, making Ron feel protected.

"And will you use me like the Lestranges did?" Ron would not deny that he liked the thought of Bill taking charge, and the thought of being used again. It might not be the healthy road to take for someone who'd been used as much as Ron had, but it was a road he enjoyed, a lot.

"I don't think I have the heart to do as they did, but if there is anything you want, just tell me." Ron smiled as he closed his eyes, trying to figure out everything he wanted to try out with Bill.

After laying down a few more minutes, Bill decided it was time to return to the party. Ron wanted to protest, but decided to listen to Bill, and not only because he told Ron he had to, but because Bill was there to protect him.

Nobody knew what had happened between them, and the few that noticed the change in Ron weren't able to discover why. Ron wanted to tell several to simply leave him alone, but Bill warned him about being rude. Wanting to be a perfect little brother, as well as a slave for him too, Ron smiled and told a simple lie.

Eventually the guests left, and Ron could once again relax. He didn't know what would happen next, but as long as Bill was with him, he would be just fine.

It wasn't until he was in his room that he noticed the strange note in his pocket. Unfolding it, Ron read the slightly messy handwriting. There was no signature, but Ron knew who it was from. Meet me in my office, seven o'clock on Friday.
Tags: !fic, character: bill, character: rabastan, character: rodolphus, character: ron, exchange: 2013, pairing: rabastan/rodolphus, pairing: rabastan/ron, pairing: rodolphus/ron, pairing: ron/bill, threesome: rabastan/ron/rodolphus, type: slash
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