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What Is Lost (Part III of IV) - A gift for The Community!

Title: What Is Lost
Author: imera
Recipient: The Community
Pairing(s): Rabastan/Ron, Rabastan/Ron/Rodolphus, Rodolphus/Ron, Rabastan/Rodolphus, Ron/Bill, multiple/Ron
Word Count: ~30700
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, torture, humiliation, whipping, spanking, non-con, dub-con, object insertion, big object insertion, orgasm play, threesome, double penetration, incest play, fisting, puppy play, incest, wax play, public humiliation, power struggle, gang bang, bukkake, werewolf beastiality, Stockholm syndrome, bondage, forced incest
Summary: Captured by the Lestrange brothers, Ron was certain he would die, but they had other plans for him.
Author's Notes: Lot's and lots of love to both the mods for the extensions, I would never have finished this story without the extra time. And a lot of love to my beta who doesn't like long stories, but was willing to help me. I hope this story will be liked by the community.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are the property of JK Rowling. I make no money from this work.


Ron believed that Rabastan had removed his hair so he could torture Ron, but the next day Ron discovered just why.

When they woke up Rabastan left, returning around two to fuck Ron.

It wasn't until after they were done that he decided to tell Ron what would happen that night. "Take a long, hot bath and make sure you're really clean; today is a special day," Rabastan said as he moved out of bed and dressed himself.

"What happens today?" Ron asked.

"We're taking you to a dinner party."

A chill passed through Ron when he thought what 'dinner party' might mean; no doubt he was the main attraction. Ron thought to continue asking, but decided he was better off if he didn't know much.

"Rodolphus will come and inspect your body, to make sure you're clean. I suggest you make sure that everything, including your belly button, and even your arsehole, is clean."

Ron nodded and watched Rabastan leave the bedroom. A thought crossed his mind, but he knew the chance of getting out of it was minimal, and if they really didn't like him disobeying he'd be punished.

After another ten minutes in bed, Ron jumped up and headed for the bathroom where he turned on the hot water. "Perfect, pet whore sell out. What would Harry say if he found out?" Ron said to himself, feeling rather pathetic when he thought of how well he'd adapted to his new situation.

Turning on the wizard music player, that didn't have a radio for some strange reason, Ron climbed into the tub. He wasn't sure if Rabastan didn't want him to know what date it was, or if he just didn't want Ron to know what was happening out in the world. All Ron knew was that based on the game the previous day it had to be Christmas.

He sat in the tub and enjoyed the warm water a long time before deciding to clean himself, hoping he had enough time before Rodolphus came to get him. He scrubbed every inch of his body, making sure the smallest places were clean before taking care of the large areas.

It didn't surprise him when his cock hardened in his hand as he tried to wash it, and because Rabastan hadn't forbidden playing, Ron decided to continue. Slowly, he closed his eyes and stroked his hardening prick, moaning from the pleasant feeling. Wanting to feel more pleasure, he reached his other hand around to his arse, pushing a finger into his hole.

He wanted to get up and find a toy, but the thought of stopping right then wasn't tempting. The water around his body splashed as he continued to fuck himself, threatening to go over the edge of the tub.

When he felt a large and rough hand wrap itself around his own hand, he opened his eyes and removed both his hands. He hadn't heard Rodolphus enter because of the music, and because the large man was always quiet when he opened the door.

"Did he allow you to play with yourself?" he asked.

"He didn't say I couldn't," Ron replied, hoping Rodolphus wouldn't punish him.

"Hmm, clever, aren't you?" Ron didn't reply to the question, instead he moaned when Rodolphus started to stroke his still hard cock.

"I think we still have a little time before we need to leave, so I don't see the harm in playing a little."

"The usual?" Ron asked, wanting to know before his brain melted again from the amazing handjob.

"You really want to give me a hard time, don't you?" Ron stared up at the large Death Eater and smiled.

"Yes, Daddy," he replied, thrusting his cock into Rodolphus' fist.

"Mmm, tell Daddy what you want." Ron had learned how to behave around the Lestrange brothers now, how to make them lust for him, and that was something he was quite proud of.

"I want you to touch me, to fuck me." Another deep groan escaped Rodolphus, sending a pleasant tingle through Ron.

"Anything for my little boy. Spread your legs." Ron did as Rodolphus wished, and he waited patiently for Rodolphus to continue.

Slowly, two fingers pushed against his stretched hole, going deeper until he couldn't go deeper, and then he moved them around in search for Ron's spot. When he found it, Ron screamed. "Daddy, it feels so good."

"I'm sure it does, you naughty boy." As soon as he had a good angle, Rodolphus fucked Ron's arse with his fingers while pumping his cock at the same time. Ron was like a spoiled kid, making others do what he wanted by behaving in a certain way. Maybe the Lestrange brothers knew what he was doing, but if they did they didn't care, because every time Ron suggested sex they obeyed.

"Faster, Daddy, I'm coming." Another deep groan from Rodolphus before he fucked Ron faster and harder, making him reach his orgasm within the next minute.

"Shit, you look so good." It didn't surprise Ron when Rodolphus pulled out his own cock, pumping it firmly while aiming the head towards Ron. His whole body trembled right before he came all over Ron, on his face, on his hair and in the water. Ron patiently waited until Rodolphus was done before he tried to clean himself.

"Let me clean the water," Rodolphus said, using magic to remove the dirt in the water. Ron quickly cleaned the rest of him, making sure no come was stuck in his hair, before he got out of the bathtub.

Because Rodolphus was there, Ron didn't have to use a towel to dry himself. Iinstead, Rodolphus took care of him, checking him at the same time to make sure he was clean. "Bend over and spread your cheeks," he said with a smirk on his lips. It wasn't the first time Ron had exposed his arse, but it was the first time they'd examined him.

"Mmm, smooth," Rodolphus said, running his index finger against Ron's hole, rubbing it a few times before pushing into Ron who couldn't hold back a moan. "You like that, don't you?"

"Yes," Ron replied, pushing against the finger.

"Don't worry, after tonight you'll be fucked so hard that you might not need cock for a whole week."

Ron liked to fuck, but the thought of strangers touching him still made him flinch.

"You look clean to me," Rodolphus said and spanked Ron's arse once. "There are some clothes on the bed, put them on and meet me down in the hallway."

Ron still wanted to refuse, but instead he entered the bedroom and found the clothes he was given, then he headed down the stairs to where Rodolphus waited.


Ron hadn't been outside in a long time, not since the day Rabastan had brought him to his house. The cold wind whipped his face, making it really uncomfortable to walk the short space to the house and the area where they could Apparate. Rodolphus held his arm all the time, probably thinking Ron would try something, which he would have if he'd thought that far ahead.

Before Ron knew it, they landed outside a large mansion. There was no wind, but it was colder. "Come," Rodolphus said and pulled Ron up an uplighted path to the front door, which opened as soon as they stopped in front of it.

As soon as they entered the decorated dining room, Ron knew what his job was for the evening: human candlestick. He could see at least three naked men and women, arse in the air, and a lit candle in their arse.

Ron thought it was bad being fucked by others, but being used as an object while they most likely ate was worse. "Undress, and then you'll be prepared."

"How long will I have to stay like that?" Ron nervously asked, nodding towards one of the naked men.

"As long as it takes us to finish our meal."

Ron turned towards the other slaves, none of them looking familiar. Rodolphus grabbed Ron's coat and pulled it off. Before Ron could react, two strangers started pulling at his clothes, taking them off until Ron was naked in front of everyone.

He didn't have a chance to feel embarrassed before the the two strangers pulled him over to an empty spot on the table, telling him to get in the same position as the others: his arms pulled between his spread legs, his arse lifted high up in the air.

"Such a nice hole," one of the men said, making Ron blush.

"Really nice," the other replied. "Can't wait 'til they invite us to participate at the next party." Ron closed his eyes and hoped that next time he wouldn't be a part of the party; once was more than enough.

As soon as his wrists were tied and he was pulled into the desired position, Ron felt something hard and wet push against his hole, and before he knew it it pushed through the ring of muscles. Ron knew what it was as soon as he felt it against his hole, and as soon as it was properly in place they used magic to make it stick before they lit it.

"Now, be a good boy and don't make any noises; the guests don't like it when the furniture makes noises."

Ron couldn't understand why they warned him about making sounds, until the wax from the candle dripped down onto his balls. The first drop shocked him, but luckily dinner hadn't started so nobody heard his gasp. After the first drop he knew what to expect, and even if it stung, he was able to stay quiet.

Things changed as soon as the Death Eaters sat down to eat. What Ron wasn't told was that while he was furniture and expected to be silent, the dinner guests could comment and touch him. It was really uncomfortable, but Ron was sure what would come later would be worse.

Ron tried to mentally prepare himself for what would come next, hoping they wouldn't damage him too much. "Just wait, your pretty arse is soon ours," a Death Eater mocked.

Ron closed his eyes and thought about good things, like his friends, family and even the Lestrange brothers and the pleasure they gave him. It helped him relax and ignore the men, until they were done and ready for dessert, which was not ice cream.

"I want this one; always wanted to try a ginger," a stranger said, slapping Ron's arse. The slap shocked Ron and he couldn't hold back a shriek, hoping that they wouldn't punish him because of that.

"A screamer, guess we'll have lots of fun with him." Ron opened his eyes and stared at the man who spoke, realising that he did know him; it was Antonin Dolohov. He also recognized the Death Eater next to him as Thorfinn Rowle, but those two were the only ones he knew.

Pulled off the table, released and with the candle pulled out of his arse, the men lead him over to the wall where a simple mattress lay out on the floor. The most humiliating moment would come soon, just as they told him to get down on all fours while they discussed who got the first go.

Right before he lowered his head Ron counted five Death Eaters, two of them which he knew of and the rest complete strangers.

"Since I'm the highest rank in this group I want to take his arse first." Ron wasn't completely sure who spoke, but because he knew both Dolohov and Rowle were infamous, it had to be one of them.

"Then I want his mouth," a second and darker voice said.

Ron barely had the chance to prepare himself before he felt something long and slick between his cheeks, teasing his entrance before pushing in without using lube. Ron was unable to hold back a scream, and he barely managed to hold up his own body.

"Want lube?" the man behind Ron asked. Ron nodded while trying to ignore the burning pain. "Beg."

Begging wasn't something new for Ron, and even if he was humiliated, and didn't know either one of these men, he would much rather beg than be tortured. "Please, I beg you, please use lube." There was laughter around him, but no lube.

"I'm sure you can beg even nicer than that," the man growled, pressing his thumb against Ron's still dry entrance.

"I'm sorry. Please use lube, I don't want to hurt. I want to feel all of your Death Eater cocks inside me, I want to feel you come." There was no laughter that time; instead he heard the men groan.

"Shit, he's really good," someone else said.

"Since you're such a good whore, I don't see any harm." A familiar spell passed through his body, cleaning him before he used a lube spell. "Brace yourself," the man said next, spreading Ron's cheeks.

Ron almost feared he was bigger than the Lestrange brothers, but while he might be almost similar to Rabastan, he was not as big as Rodolphus. The man fucked him a few seconds before a cock slapped Ron's face, which he quickly swallowed.

That was the beginning of a long night where he was fucked from both sides, where the men constantly reminded him of his pathetic position every other minute, telling him that he'd spend the rest of his life being a Death Eater fuck toy, and that once they were done, someone else would rape him.

He tried to ignore their words, and most times he succeeded, but every word stung, and no matter how much he enjoyed fucking, he hoped he'd never meet these men again.

"Listen to what happens to bad boys," one Death Eater whispered into Ron's ear. Until then he was far too occupied thinking about himself to pay attention to the others, and in one way he wished he hadn't listened to the room because there was one man somewhere that screamed in pain. A cold shiver crossed through his body, and while he wanted to try and stop the torture that was happening to someone else, he was too broken to say anything; he was a coward.

Ron continued to obey the Death Eaters who played with him; sucking their cocks, riding them, letting them fuck him until he couldn't hold his body up, humiliating him until he almost cried. It was the only way out of the party, he knew, and he was determined to get out with as few scars as possible. The worst part was that he was hard the entire time, even when they hurt him.

Slowly, the time ran out, and they were all told that they had one hour left before the slaves had to be taken home. Ron didn't understand the curfew problem, since he believed the dinner party might go on all night, but he wasn't going to complain.

"Did you hear that, an hour left? Let's give him a farewell now and then have him clean us." Every man agreed. "Sit up and open your mouth," Dolohov ordered. Ron knew at once what they planned to do, but he didn't object.

Doing as told, he stared at the men a few seconds before closing his eyes, mouth still open, hands resting in his lap, and the men groaning around him.

Almost simultaneously the men came, their warm come hitting Ron everywhere: his chest, face, hair and mouth. No matter how much he wanted to, Ron didn't turn away. Luckily, it didn't take them much time to come, and as soon as they were done he was allowed to close his mouth, but only if he swallowed the come and licked up the rest. Because he didn't really have a choice, Ron swallowed the pool of come in his mouth, before licking everything else he could lick.

"Now it's time you take care of us; lick us clean," one of the unknown Death Eaters said, waving his cock in front of Ron who didn't think before licking the cock. When he was done, the next man moved in front of Ron, cock waiting to be cleaned. Ron licked it without thinking again, flinching slightly when he realised that the man did not care for personal hygiene as much as the others, or the Lestranges. Ron was, of course, not stupid enough to comment, so he took a large breath and cleaned him as best as he could, celebrating when the Death Eater thought he'd done a good job and moved over.

Once every man was clean, two Death Eaters decided that they wanted a little more fun before the time ran out. Ron noticed it was the younger wizards who wanted a last go, and was glad the unclean man wasn't one of them.

"I want his arse again," one said.

"Fine with me, I want his sweet mouth." Ron knew at once which position he needed to take and moved so he stood on all fours. They didn't waste time preparing him, quickly entering and fucking him so fast that he struggled to breathe. Even if it was rougher than before, his cock was still just as hard.

The one in front of Ron was the first to come, and Ron eagerly swallowed. When he pulled out, the wizard who was still pounding into Ron's used arse decided to change the position and turn Ron on his back, lifting Ron's legs across his shoulders and bending down so he could kiss Ron.

Ron never expected someone to kiss him, least of all someone who only wanted to fuck him, but he accepted it and opened his mouth. "I want you to come with me, just use your hand," the man informed Ron and rose again so he could thrust into Ron as brutally as before. Ron moaned and grabbed his own cock, pumping it until he was close to his orgasm.

"I'm close," Ron said, hoping the man wasn't far behind.

"Oh, fuck," the man growled, pounding faster and faster until he came deep inside Ron, sending Ron over as well, coming all over his own chest.

"Fuck, that was—" the man never finished his sentence; instead he licked one of the drops of come off of Ron's chest while moaning, almost like it tasted great. That image was extremely hot and made Ron groan, wanting to see it again.

It looked like he was about to do it again when a voice called through the room, informing them that they had five more minutes. "I better dress myself," the man above Ron said, pulling out and reaching for his clothes. Ron wasn't told he could dress himself so he sat on the mattress with his hands in front of his limp cock.

The man who informed them of the time started speaking again, telling them what an honor it was that they all showed up, and how he hoped they'd had a great time. The room was filled with laughter and clapping. Then the man said something that caught Ron's attention.

"I'm sure many of you have heard the news about the werewolf pack and their newest prize: that blood traitor who was scarred many years ago by Greyback. I'm happy to announce that he's now a full werewolf, and you can get a look at him tonight." The large doors behind him opened as people moved closer. Ron stood and moved so he would get a glimpse of the main attraction, fearing what he would see.

Two large Death Eaters walked into the room with someone bent down between them, someone with red hair just like Ron and scars across his face.

"Bill!" Ron yelled and tried to push his way through the group of Death Eaters. Nobody tried to stop Ron, instead they moved to the side and let him hug his brother.

"Do you know this man?" Rodolphus asked Ron.

Without thinking Ron told him the truth, that the man was his brother.

"Interesting," Rodolphus said before he ordered two Death Eaters to split them up.

"Ron?" Bill asked, his voice hoarse. Two Death Eaters grabbed Ron's arms and pulled him away. Ron tried his hardest to fight them but they were too strong. "What's happened to you?" Bill asked once he saw the state of Ron. "What have they done to you?"

Ron wanted to say that it didn't matter what they'd done to him, especially since they'd turned Bill into a full werewolf, but as soon as Rodolphus told him to be quiet he closed his mouth and obeyed.

"Good boy," Rodolphus said and patted Ron's head. "So this is your brother?"

"Don't touch him!" Bill screamed, unsuccessfully trying to escape the magical bonds to save Ron.

"Isn't that adorable, trying to save your brother," Rodolphus said at Bill, who stopped fighting for a few seconds.

"Take your hands off him, you filthy Death Eater!" Bill continued. Ron stared at his brother, unable to help feeling disgusted by himself and how fast he submitted.

"Filthy? I think you have this all wrong; your brother here is the one who's filthy, he's the one who loves fucking Death Eaters." Ron looked away as soon as Bill's eyes met his, humiliated. "He's the one who loves to suck Death Eater cock. Isn't that right, Ron?"

He didn't want to answer, but when Rodolphus threatened to torture Bill he didn't see any way out of it and admitted that he liked it. Tears formed beneath his eyelids when he imagined the disgust in his brother's face, probably thinking he was pathetic.

"Ron, don't worry, I'll save you from them," Bill said in a comforting tone which he'd often used when Ron was young and had nightmares. Ron opened his eyes and stared at his oldest brother, the tears running down his face.

"Adorable," Rodolphus said and told the men to take Ron out into the hallway and dress him.

"RON!" Bill yelled, trying even harder than before to free himself. Before the doors closed Ron saw Bill fall over when a curse was cast on him, screaming from the pain.

"BILL!" Ron screamed back, right before the doors closed.

Before Ron was able to plot his escape from the Death Eaters, they used magic to hold him there, then quickly dressed him before Rabastan came, taking Ron back to his home.

"I know what I want," Ron said just before Rabastan closed the bedroom door, most likely planning to return to the dinner party where his brother was being tortured.

"And what is your wish?" Rabastan amusingly asked.

"I want my brother to be freed," Ron said, knowing it wouldn't happen but hoping they could come to some sort of agreement.

Rabastan didn't answer, instead he smiled and locked the door. When the shock of finding his brother passed, Ron felt his heart break and tears run down his face. Unable to do anything, he threw himself down on the bed and cried until exhaustion took over and he was pulled away from the world that was once again unbearable.



Ron was alone the rest of that night, as well as the next morning. Food was brought for him by the house-elf, food which didn't tempt Ron at all, not when he knew his brother was captured somewhere, and most likely tortured.

It was dark again before they returned, but Ron didn't know how late it was since he had no clock, and it was winter and dark most of the day. The door opened and Rabastan entered. Ron stared at him, unsure of what to say, and not wanting to say something in case Rabastan thought he was nagging, which was punishable with spanking.

"You made quite a fuss at the party," he slowly said. Ron didn't take his eyes off him, hoping he'd tell Ron something. "And if you weren't such an obedient slut, you would have been punished like some of the other slaves." A chilling feeling passed through Ron when he remembered the other unfortunate souls as they were being tortured.

"I'm sorry," Ron said, lowering his head to show his submission.

"Just be glad that complete strangers were willing to stand up for you; apparently the men that had the chance of fucking you thought you didn't deserve punishment." That surprised Ron, but he was glad they decided to speak on his behalf.

"What happens now?" Ron asked, crossing his fingers that Rabastan might mention Bill.

"You're off, so there will be no public flogging. That doesn't mean Rodolphus and Iwon't punish you, though." Ron was sure they would find reasons to punish him either way, so he didn't scare Ron.

Rabastan walked over to the chair in the corner and sat down, staring at Ron through his dark eyes that had once sent a chill down Ron's back.

They sat in complete silence for a few seconds before Ron couldn't take it any longer, and he did something he knew could get him in trouble. "What happened with my brother?"

A grin spread across Rabastan's face, making him look evil. "Yes, your older brother. I understand how it is to worry about your older brother; I have one as well." Ron knew that, but he sort of doubted Rabastan cared about Rodolphus as much as Ron cared about Bill, or any other of his siblings, even Percy.

"We didn't have any real plans for the werewolf, until we realised the connection between you two. It wasn't difficult to decide what to do with him, and you." Rabastan rose from the chair and slowly walked over to Ron, who wondered if he would share any more information about his brother.

"You won't see him yet; he has his own training to go through, and he better make it if he wants to see you again." Slowly Rabastan opened the buttons on his shirt, revealing his pale skin.

"Do you know how long it will take?" Ron asked, reaching for the buttons to help Rabastan. Luckily Rabastan didn't know that Ron only helped him to take the attention away from him, so Rabastan wouldn't realise Ron was in fact questioning him.

"We hope two weeks will be enough; it's not like we have all the time in the world." A tiny smile spread across Ron's face when his plan worked. If there was one thing Ron had learned over the months with the Lestrange brothers, it was how to make them do what he wanted.

"Want me to suck your cock tonight?" Ron asked, preparing Rabastan for his other question.

"Yes please," Rabastan growled, grabbing Ron's hair, forcing Ron to look directly up at him . "You have no idea how jealous I was when I saw those men fucking you; the slave I was given wasn't nearly as good as you."

"Thank you," Ron replied, somehow proud of himself. "I just wonder, have you captured anyone else who is red haired?"

The shirt was done and Ron moved down to the trousers, making sure to make it seem like he was concentrating on Rabastan's growing cock.

"Not that I know of." Ron wanted to continue asking, but Rabastan's answer was enough for then. Pushing down his trousers, Ron grabbed Rabastan's cock and swallowed it, making sure to make him forget about the questions.


Ron knew that he would see Bill; he didn't know when, but according to Rabastan it wouldn't be long. Unfortunately time felt ten times slower when he waited, so when Rabastan informed him that he'd see Bill two days later, it already felt as if he'd been waiting several months.

The two next days felt even longer since all Ron did was either read, wait, or fuck. The same day Ron would see Bill, Rabastan made sure Ron was clean, both on the outside and on the inside. Rabastan also made sure that Ron was properly prepared and stretched.

Dressed in a simple robe, he was then taken down to the living area, where several Death Eaters were waiting, as well as Bill.

Ron's face lit up when he saw his older brother, and he wanted to run over to his side, but because he feared it would earn him a punishment, he waited patiently. Ron wasn't able to read Bill's face that well, but he knew his brother didn't like the situation he'd been put in.

"We've warned your brother that if he tries anything, we'll punish you. While I know you're a good slave, I will tell you the same thing. If you disobey, we'll make your brother pay, understood?" Ron stared at Rodolphus, nodding. "Good. Prepare the werewolf," he then told the three Death Eaters that stood around Bill.

Ron watched as they lead Bill to the centre of the room, wrapping big chains around his arms before attaching them to the ceiling. The position reminded Ron about his time in the cold cell, glad that he'd been taken away from there.

"Those chains are the strongest of their kind, and magically strong so they will hold even a werewolf."

Ron wondered why they needed strong chains since Bill was still in human form, but then realised something. "Is it a full moon tonight?" he asked before he could stop himself.

Rabastan smiled, which was rarely good news. "So it is."

Bill was then stripped, and Ron's robe was taken off. Ron felt uncomfortable where he stood in front of his brother, completely naked. He wondered what would happen, which of the Death Eaters would fuck them.

It wasn't until Rabastan whispered into Ron's ear that he realised just what kind of sick and twisted plan they had. "Get down on your knees in front of your brother."

Ron wanted to protest, but one look at the Lestranges, and he knew that he had to do it, unless he wanted Bill to suffer. "But," he said, looking at his brother.

"Do as you're ordered, unless you want him to suffer." Ron really didn't want Bill to suffer because of him, but sucking him wasn't that much better.

"Go on," Rabastan said as he pushed Ron forward until he stood right in front of Bill.

"How are you? Have they treated you well?" Ron knew what to answer, but looking at his brother when he knew what he had to do was one of the hardest things he'd ever had to do; it was even worse than being still during the dinner party all those weeks ago.

"I'm sorry," Ron said and dropped down to his knees.

Bill must have realised just then what Ron was about to do. "Ron, don't do it, you don't have to, let them punish me instead."

"Isn't that adorable, older brother trying to save his younger brother. You don't need to worry about Ron's purity, he's been our fuck toy since we first captured him."

"You bastards, you'll pay for what you've done."

In that moment Ron's head was pulled back and a wand pressed against his neck. "One more word out of you, werewolf, and I'll torture your brother until he pisses himself, understood?" Rodolphus said in a deep voice

"Understood," Bill growled.

"At least your brother here has learned and knows how to behave; I see you have a lot more to learn." Bill didn't reply, but Ron imagined he wasn't that pleased. "Now, continue with the show." Rodolphus said and took a step back.

"I'm sorry," Bill whispered to Ron right before Ron moved forward, grabbing Bill's limp cock.

"Don't be, it's not the first time I've done this," Ron said. But it was the first time he'd touched his brother, and no matter how much he tried to think that it was someone else, he was constantly reminded of the connection between him and Bill when Bill spoke, or the Death Eaters commented, or when he saw the pubes that were the same as his own.

Wanting to get it over with, Ron used every skill he had to make Bill hard, before swallowing the cock, using his tongue to tease and play with Bill until his cock was fully hard. Bill was a man, and no matter how hard he tried, as soon as his cock was stimulated, he lost all control. Ron wasn't that much better; when he heard Bill moan and groan, the blood in his body travelled down to his own cock.

"Make sure he doesn't come; we have a long night ahead of us," Rabastan warned. Ron was far too occupied sucking Bill to reply.

"Fuck, Ron," Bill moaned, occasionally trying to pull away, before Ron sucked harder and Bill pushed his cock back into Ron's mouth, deeper. Once in awhile when Ron dared to look up at his older brother, and Bill was looking down, and their eyes met, Ron's body acted in a strange way.

When Bill lost it and started fucking Ron's mouth, Ron knew he'd proved to the Death Eaters just how good he was. "Ah, fuck," Bill continued to mumble, his body starting to shake. Knowing he had to stop him before he came, Ron pulled away and grabbed the base of Bill's cock, pressing hard enough to keep him from spilling anything.

As he stared at Bill's body, torn between hating himself for his feelings and admiring his brother's perfect body, he noticed a little pre-come that poured out of Bill's cock, and before he could think, he licked it like he would have done with Rabastan or Rodolphus.

"Look at them, both hard, probably wanting more," one of the Death Eaters said.

"It's soon time," he heard Rabastan say behind him. Knowing what would happen that night, Ron sort of figured out what they planned to do, but he was wrong. He thought they wanted him to suck Bill after he'd changed into a werewolf, but they wanted something entirely different.

"Get up," Rodolphus told Ron before he waved at two Death Eaters, who instantly grabbed a large piece of leather furniture and moved it in front of Bill. Ron stared at the strange thing, not sure what it was, not until he was asked to bend over it. Not wanting to challenge Rodolphus, he did as ordered, embarrassed when he imagined the sight Bill had.

"Do you like that?" Rodolphus asked Bill, who growled in reply. "What about you, Ron, do you like the thought of being fucked by your brother?"

Ron was too embarrassed to reply, and not only because of the position he was put in, but because he actually did find the idea of having Bill inside him turned him on.

Rabastan pressed a finger against his prepared hole, easily slipping in, forcing a moan out of Ron. He hated knowing that his brother saw him like that, submitting to the Death Eaters, enjoying their touch and wanting to fuck them. Ron pushed back on the finger, trying to forget that his brother could see everything.

When the second finger joined the first, Ron forgot about everyone else in the room and replied to every movement of the fingers. Rabastan made him forget about everything, yet he made him remember too. "Your brother enjoys the view," he whispered into Ron's ear, who snapped out of his sexual trance.

"Ok, move them closer together. Won't be long now."

"No," Ron shrieked when he realised that their plans involved him and a transformed Bill. "He'll kill me!"

"Don't worry, he will do no such thing. We'll make sure you're protected from his teeth and claws; don't want two werewolves in one family now, do we?" Ron didn't know if he should trust that they were able to control Bill while he was transformed, but because he doubted they wanted to lose their sex toy, he was confident they wanted to keep him safe.

"Ron, I'm so sorry," Bill said behind him.

Ron was about to reply when Rabastan answered instead. "Don't worry, he doesn't mind being fucked, and I'm sure he'll enjoy his brother's cock as much as a Death Eater cock. Maybe even more, knowing just how naughty he is."

Ron knew better than to answer, and not only because he feared punishment, but because they were right. Maybe he's always been naughty, or maybe he changed after they captured him.

When he felt his brother's hard cock against his hole, Ron's whole body warmed, and he knew he was as twisted as the Death Eaters when he wanted to feel Bill's cock inside him. It was wrong, but he'd done so much wrong over the few months that he didn't remember how it was to be a virgin.

"Push back, let your brother know just how much you want his cock." Ron wasn't able to stop himself from obeying, moving his arse backwards until Bill's cock entered him, filling him. Moaning, he started to move forwards and backwards, fucking Bill's cock.

In the beginning Bill tried to pull away, but he wasn't strong enough and eventually gave in, meeting Ron as he pushed back, fucking his little brother's arse until both were moaning.

Ron heard several other moans from their sides and realised the Death Eaters were masturbating as they watched them fuck.

Ron wasn't that far away from his orgasm when the change started to happen. Bill screamed, his body shaking behind Ron, scaring him. Ron tried to pull out, but Rabastan held him in place.

"Maybe you want to watch," Rabastan whispered, and with the help of two other Death Eaters, they turned Ron around so he was flat on his back and could see Bill's change.

It was horrifying seeing his brother in that much pain, and being close to him made it even harder to watch. Bill's body wasn't the only thing that changed; his cock, which was still fully hard and inside Ron, changed as well. Ron couldn't explain what happened, but it felt as if the base grew until it was twice its size.

When the transformation was over and Ron stared at his fully changed brother, who was taller, hairier and looked a thousand times more dangerous, he wanted to pull away, fearing Bill's teeth. That was when the Death Eaters cast several spells on Bill, the blue magical strings wrapping around Bill's mouth, making Ron feel less worried about his brother killing him.

Bill seemed to want to fight the magic and the chains, but as he continued to move, and his cock stirred inside Ron, Bill stopped. Ron stared at his brother, not knowing what to expect next. When Ron felt Bill's changed cock move inside him, rubbing against Ron's most sensitive spot, he couldn't help moaning loudly, and it caught Bill's attention.

An animalistic growl escaped Bill's throat right before he moved slightly, making it easier for him to move. Ron knew that whatever happened next, Bill wouldn't be taking it slow and easy, so he grabbed the edges of the leather object beneath his back and held on.

He was right; as soon as Bill found a position he was comfortable with, his animalistic lust took over and he started pounding into Ron like the wild beast that he was. It was strange being fucked by Bill's cock once it had transformed; the new strange form filled Ron in a completely different way than he was used to, and it held Ron in place as Bill moved faster and harder than he did in his human form.

Ron cried in pleasure as his brother fucked him, his cock hardening even more until Ron reached the edge and came all over himself.

Normally once he'd come, Ron would try to finish off his partner, but he didn't know how he could do so with Bill, who Ron knew wasn't himself any longer. It didn't seem as if Bill planned to stop any time soon, moving just as fast as in the beginning, his growls turning slightly deeper every other second.

Ron feared his arse would end up being sore in the end, but then something he hadn't expected happened: his cock grew once more, slowly filling up until it was almost as hard as before. Ron gasped for air as his arse was constantly stimulated by Bill's cock, until his skin pricked and his mind felt lighter than before. The whole situation was wrong, but Ron loved it and he wanted more.

Lost in the passion, Ron concentrated on Bill's cock in his arse, trying to imagine what it looked like and how it would look when it came. Ron moaned as he held his legs open, wanting to feel Bill deeper if it was even possible, wanting to feel his brother's sperm as he came inside him.

Ron lost track of the time as Bill continued to fuck him; he didn't know if ten minutes had passed or thirty, all he did know was that he loved every second of it.

In the end Ron lay there, barely able to make a sound as his brother continued in the same speed as before, his cock still as hard as before. Ron almost feared that if he didn't come soon he'd either pass out from the constant sensual pleasure or his balls would explode.

Bill's growls turned louder, his movements wilder, and before Ron knew it, Bill came deep inside Ron. Feeling the cock pulse as it came, filling him with more come than Ron had ever had inside him, Ron felt his own balls squeeze together before his cock stirred, and he came all over himself again.

On his back, covered in his own come, mouth open and eyes almost closed, Ron stared up at his brother. He wondered if Bill knew what he was doing, or if he would remember it when he woke up. He hoped Bill would remember, because it was the best sex Ron had ever experienced.

It took a while before Ron was able to pull the cock out of him, but once it was out, Ron could get a good look at it and what he saw was amazing. While the overall look was similar to a human cock, the base was much bigger than a human's, and looked like it was blown up. There were also several lines around the cock that a human didn't have, and the tip was more like an arrow than the round cap normal cocks had.

Ron continued to stare at the dark brown cock, wondering how it was to have it in his mouth. Ron wished someone told him to do it because it would be easier to use that as an excuse, but those who were not exhausted from their own orgasm were still masturbating.

Deciding to do what he wanted, Ron sat down on his knees in front of Bill and grabbed the different cock. As he sat there he could feel Bill's sperm slowly run down his thighs. Strange noises escaped Bill's throat while Ron played with his cock and balls. Come still poured out of the head, which Ron eagerly licked before he swallowed the cock.

The cock felt strange in Ron's mouth, and he realised he had to suck it in a different way if he wanted to suck as much as he did with an ordinary cock. When the Death Eaters saw what he was doing, none of them were able to stay quiet, not even the ones who were exhausted. Ron wasn't able to make Bill come again, not that it was his goal, but he did manage to make Bill react.

When he stopped, and the others were all done, they decided that both slaves needed to be fucked. Ron wasn't afraid of what they would do to him, but he did worry about his brother, especially because Ron didn't know if Bill knew what was happening.

Werewolf Bill wasn't happy when they lifted his tail and started preparing him, and he was especially not happy when they started fucking him. The Death Eater who wanted to take Ron barely got any reaction from him as Ron kept looking at Bill, almost worried the he could escape the bonds and kill them all.

It never happened; both the chains and magic were strong enough to hold Bill, who never stopped fighting. The Death Eaters continued to play with the two brothers, fucking them until they had to take a break, finding toys they could use in both Ron and Bill.

When the night was over, and moon disappeared, Bill turned back into his old self. Ron stared at his brother, his wrists bleeding from the chains. Ron felt sorry for him; he looked to be in a lot more pain than Ron was.

"I'm sorry, Ron," Bill said, his voice hoarse from the night. Ron wanted to tell him it wasn't that bad, that it was actually the best sex he'd had, but he feared what his brother might think of him.

Ron was about to tell Bill it wasn't his fault when Rabastan grabbed Ron and pulled him out of the room. Ron could hear Bill's voice call after him all the way up the stairs; only when the door to the bedroom closed were the sounds gone. Ron wanted to ask Rabastan if he could see his brother again, but Rabastan did not look to be in a mood to be questioned.

"Will I ever see him again?" Ron asked, fearing for his brother's life.

"Yes, both I and Rodolphus have something special planned for you two." Ron didn't know what to make out of what Rabastan said, so he decided to stay quiet.

Because they hadn't slept all night, both Ron and Rabastan were tired, and when Rabastan wanted to sleep, Ron didn't protest.

Ron continued to think about his brother until he was swallowed by exhaustion and he fell asleep in Rabastan's arms.

Click here for part four.
Tags: !fic, character: bill, character: rabastan, character: rodolphus, character: ron, exchange: 2013, pairing: rabastan/rodolphus, pairing: rabastan/ron, pairing: rodolphus/ron, pairing: ron/bill, threesome: rabastan/ron/rodolphus, type: slash
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