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What Is Lost (Part II of IV) - A gift for The Community!

Title: What Is Lost
Author: imera
Recipient: The Community
Pairing(s): Rabastan/Ron, Rabastan/Ron/Rodolphus, Rodolphus/Ron, Rabastan/Rodolphus, Ron/Bill, multiple/Ron
Word Count: ~30700
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, torture, humiliation, whipping, spanking, non-con, dub-con, object insertion, big object insertion, orgasm play, threesome, double penetration, incest play, fisting, puppy play, incest, wax play, public humiliation, power struggle, gang bang, bukkake, werewolf beastiality, Stockholm syndrome, bondage, forced incest
Summary: Captured by the Lestrange brothers, Ron was certain he would die, but they had other plans for him.
Author's Notes: Lot's and lots of love to both the mods for the extensions, I would never have finished this story without the extra time. And a lot of love to my beta who doesn't like long stories, but was willing to help me. I hope this story will be liked by the community.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are the property of JK Rowling. I make no money from this work.


It was the plug that woke him, or rather, he moved and the plug woke him. When most of the shock had settled, Ron lay on his back, legs spread so most of the discomfort vanished.

He guessed it was almost an hour after he woke that the food magically appeared next to the door, like it always did. Being on the run, and then captured, had changed Ron's appetite, and he no longer needed food every other hour. If it wasn't because he didn't want to give up, he'd stop eating just so he didn't have to be there anymore.

Slowly he rolled over and tried to crawl to the food, his stomach screaming, making him feel ill, and the butt plug didn't help either. Once he reached the plate, he tried to eat as much as he was capable of, but he discovered that half of the food was more than enough. Still exhausted, he crawled back to where he slept, the least coldest spot in the cell.

Ron almost dozed off when the door flung open and the brothers re-entered the room. Ron was tired, and he wanted to sleep, preferably in a soft and warm bed, but he'd even take the cold hard floor if it meant the Lestranges weren't there.

"Aw, are you tired?" Rabastan asked in a playful tone. "If you behave, I promise you'll get a treat." For some reason Ron doubted it was a treat he'd like, but he wasn't going to tell him that, so he continued to lie on the ground and stare at the younger Lestrange, wondering what twisted things were planned.

They didn't call him over at once, instead they were both occupied waving their wands in the room, conjuring a mattress and a small bag similar to the previous one.

"Come here," Rodolphus ordered as he put his wand back in his robe. Ron wondered for a second if he had a chance to grab the wand without them noticing, but they never really took their eyes off him.

The mattress was soft―compared to the floor anything was soft―and Ron wished he could lie down and sleep. "Undress him," Rodolphus ordered his younger brother. Rabastan didn't waste a single second, grabbing Ron's t-shirt and pulling it over Ron's head, before he reached for his trousers. Ron couldn't help the blush that spread across his cheeks and down his neck at the thought of them seeing him naked. It was nothing new, but he was still self-conscious about his body.

"Did you keep the plug in all night?" Rabastan asked, pushing against the plug. Ron took a sharp breath before he nodded. "Good boy," Rabastan said before telling Ron to get down on all fours. Obediently he did as told, knowing his arse would once again be offered to Rabastan.

When Rabastan started to pull the plug out of his arse, Ron struggled to hold his weight up, and not only because it was unpleasant, but because it rubbed against his insides, sending a fuzzy pleasing feeling through his body. "I think he likes that," Rodolphus said, grabbing Ron's jaw and lifting his head until Ron looked at him. "Such a pretty slut." The blush spread further as Ron thought about himself as a slut; he really had become a slut.

Once the plug was out, Ron felt strangely empty, and open. And when Rabastan groaned behind him, Ron couldn't help the happy feeling that passed through him.

Rabastan slowly caressed his hole, before pushing two fingers into Ron and pulling it open. Because of the plug he was able to open Ron even more than normal, and it hurt less than before.

Then Rabastan did something that shocked Ron: he spit in Ron's hole. At first Ron was slightly disgusted, but then remembered everything else that had happened, so a little spit wasn't really that shocking. "Such a pretty sight, your arse. Wouldn't you say so as well, Rod?"

Rodolphus released Ron's head and moved around him until he stood next to Rabastan, looking at Ron's arse. He did as his younger brother and spit against Ron's open hole. Either he'd missed the target, or he really did aim a little high just to watch the spit run down Ron's crack before disappearing in him. Ron wanted to say he found it disgusting, but then his cock twitched.

They continued to spit against Ron's hole, telling Ron just what a pretty sight it was, and occasionally slapping his arse. Ron found it harder and harder to control his erection, and he wasn't that shocked when the brothers discovered his humiliation.

"Look at that, Rabastan, he likes it." A hand grabbed Ron's hard cock between his legs and pulled it backwards. Ron gasped when Rodolphus pumped his cock, twisting it between his fingers AND running them across the sensitive head. Ron's arms dropped and his face fell against the mattress. That position gave the brothers an even better view of his arse, but that time Ron didn't feel any embarrassment, only pleasure as Rabastan entered his arse with three fingers, wiggling them around until he found Ron's spot.

It felt like his head was filled with hot air as the brothers pleasured him, making him groan, gasp and moan into the semi clean mattress.

Cold liquid dropped into his arse, making it easier for Rabastan to fuck him. It wasn't until his arse was widened even more that Ron reacted. It was strange to have his arse that open, that full, but the discomfort was soon forgotten when more pleasure passed through his exhausted body.

They continued like that for a long time, giving him both pleasure and pain at the same time. They did eventually reach a point where Ron struggled to enjoy what they were doing. That was when he realised what Rabastan wanted to do: he wanted to enter Ron's arse with his whole hand.

The fear of being ripped open took over and he tried to pull away, only to be slapped again and told that if he didn't obey he'd be punished. Accepting his defeat, Ron closed his eyes and tried to relax.

More lubricant was dropped inside him, cooling his burning arse, making him enjoy a little of their strange game. Luckily Rodolphus never stopped masturbating him, so even when a sharp pain passed through his lower parts, Ron soon forgot about it.

He didn't know how long they continued like that before Rabastan's whole hand was inside him, moving slightly as Ron's arse pulsed. It was strange having a whole hand there, even stranger to think that it was possible to do something like that, but Ron still found it strangely exciting.

"He's so open. Fuck, this is even better than I imagined," Rabastan said, moving his hand around.

"I don't know how long I can wait, my balls are hurting," Rodolphus replied, squeezing Ron's cock harder, forcing another moan out of him. "What do you say, Weasley, do you want to come?"

The question was simple, but answering was anything but simple. Ron wondered what strange things they'd make him do if he agreed. For some reason he doubted they'd listen if he said no, so he behaved like the good boy they always told him he was and moaned a yes.

"Good. As soon as Rabastan is done playing with your arse, we'll make you come." Ron doubted it was that easy, but he wasn't going to question them.

Rabastan did take a long time to finish as he tried to push his arm deeper into Ron, something he succeeded in doing, making Ron feel slightly ill as he continued to push against Ron's empty stomach.

He did pull out in the end, which gave Ron a chance to move without fearing he'd split in two. While the brothers undressed, Ron squeezed his arse together, wondering if it would ever go back to normal.

Rodolphus pulled him up into a sitting position as soon as he was naked. Then he ordered Ron to suck his cock, something Ron still disliked to do, but did anyway, knowing there was no way around it.

The taste was still strange, but this time it smelled less than before, which made it less disgusting, not that he ever thought he'd get used to sucking a cock. Rodolphus' cock was still as big as before, filling Ron's mouth as Rabastan's hand had filled his arse earlier.

Again Rodolphus pushed deeper than Ron was able to take, choking him like before, making his eyes water and his body try to pull back. And like before, Rodolphus didn't care. To make things even more uncomfortable for Ron, Rabastan decided to try and enter his arse again with his hand, which was harder to do since Ron was sat on his knees, and his arse was squeezed together because of the massive cock.

When the Lestranges eventually pulled away, allowing Ron to both breathe and move his arse without fearing that something would try to enter, he thought he was safe, but he wasn't. He was given a minute to relax before they once again gave him orders: they wanted him to sit down on Rodolphus' cock, something Ron did without questioning them.

Facing Rodolphus, Ron grabbed a hold of his shoulders and positioned himself on the cock, slowly sitting down until the cock was buried deep inside him. Because Rabastan had stretched him before the massive cock didn't feel as massive. It was still big, but it didn't hurt.

Rodolphus put his large hands on Ron's hips, slowly guiding him in a rhythm that made Ron blush, especially as he couldn't take his eyes off of Rodolphus. He did try, he even closed his eyes, but they automatically opened every time Rodolphus made a sound, or his body reacted to the cock inside him.

Riding the older wizard also made Ron feel something he hadn't felt before: power. It might not be the kind of power he wished for the most, but he was in charge of the way he moved, the speed and the friction between them.

The power was great, and it made the experience even better. It wasn't until he felt comfortable on top that Rabastan entered the picture, wrapping his hand around Ron's cock, caressing and pumping it until Ron struggled to breathe. It wasn't until Ron was digging his nails into Rodolphus' shoulders because of the pleasure that he realised what Rabastan's plan was.

Ron soon felt a second cock against his crack, trying to enter him at the same time as Rodolphus' cock moved deeper inside him. His first thought was that it wouldn't work, that two cocks was more than his arse could take, but he never thought a fist would fit in his arse before either, and it did.

Rabastan placed a hand on Ron's back, pushing his upper body down until Ron's chest met Rodolphus'. The new position was strange, but Ron didn't question it. All he did was hope that their new plan would give him more pleasure than pain.

Ron realised that two cocks didn't only mean twice the size, not since having a body meant that they had to position themselves so it would be easiest for everyone, and the position that was decided on widened Ron's arse hole even more as Rabastan moved upwards every time he thrusted into Ron's open hole. The discomfort was nothing compared to the wonderful pleasure of being filled.

His mind dissolved as he moved. The Lestranges' moaning and groaning was constantly telling him just how good it felt, how wonderful his arse was, and just how big of a slut he was. Ron admitted that he'd preferred if they didn't mention the last one, but he realised that every time they did, his body reacted to it in a positive way.

I'm not a slut. It's wrong, this is wrong, Ron thought. But it feels strangely good, and I want more. It was like a mental battle, one part of him hating the fact that he'd become a Death Eater sex toy, while the other loved everything, loved to explore new things, to reach new stages of pleasure. He was torn, and being fucked by both right then didn't help his decision.

His mind slowly shut down as they all moved in a perfect rhythm and his spot was constantly stimulated by their cocks. It was Rodolphus that came first, soon followed by Rabastan, leaving Ron the only one that hadn't reached an orgasm.

When they pulled out of Ron he wanted to complain, but feared they'd punish him. Ron ended up sitting on the mattress, wondering what would happen next when Rabastan pulled out a wine bottle. Ron wondered if they planned to toast, only to decide it wasn't worth thinking about; most times they ended up doing something he'd never think could work.

He was right, they did do something he never expected. Ron continued to stay silent, accepting his fate. Pressing his face against the mattress, and lifting his arse, he hoped it wouldn't hurt. Magic swirled around his hole, slowly opening him until Ron once again thought he'd split in two; it did stop when Ron started to moan.

When his arse was gaping open, Rabastan turned the bottle upside down and slowly entered it in Ron's arse. Ron felt humiliated as the bottle slowly moved deeper and deeper into him. Was he really that open? He never imagined that anyone in a normal relationship would be able to enter a whole wine bottle in their arse, but then again, he didn't know what a normal relationship was since he never had the chance to have one, and he didn't really count Lavender as a normal relationship.

He moaned as the top of the bottle hit his insides and the thick bottom was pressed deeper into him. A few seconds later the bottle stopped moving, fooling Ron into thinking they were done. There was a tap on the bottle, and something strange happened. They must have magically removed the cork because it felt as if the contents of the bottle poured into him, deeper and deeper until Ron moaned from the discomfort of the acid drink inside him.

"I think it's empty," Rabastan said, sounding surprised. Ron didn't move, knowing it would be more painful than the fisting if the bottle moved.

"I'm going to remove the bottle, and you better not push the wine out, understood?" Ron moaned in reply, hoping it was enough for Rodolphus.

Ron had to be careful not to instinctively push the liquid out, and found that thinking about something else entirely worked best. "Look at him, such an obedient boy."

"Perfect arse," Rodolphus added, pushing two fingers into Ron's arse as soon the bottle was out. "Fuck, I want to take him again, but the last fuck took more out of me than I expected, and I don't have time to recover."

"Why don't you go, I'll take care of him. I can at least have a little more fun before he gets his treat for being such an obedient fuck toy." Ron had completely forgotten about the treat for behaving, but for some reason he doubted it would be much of a treat for him. Ron listened to Rodolphus as he left, before his attention was brought back to Rabastan, who was once again pulling Ron's arse open with his fingers.

"Yes, love this sight, makes me hard again." Ron blushed when he thought about Rabastan's hard cock.

The first thing Rabastan did was to fuck Ron's arse with his fingers, and by the way he moved them around, Ron guessed he was trying to find that spot that made Ron short of breath. He did find it, eventually, and then he never stopped. Grabbing Ron's cock, he started masturbating him at the same time, which was too much for Ron's arse as it started to push the wine out.

"Careful now," Rabastan warned, pulling his fingers out of Ron and releasing his cock. Ron moaned, wanting Rabastan to continue, especially since his balls were starting to hurt. "Don't worry, you'll come. Soon. But I want to take your sexy arse again."

It didn't take long before Rabastan was once again buried in his arse. His hole was too wide for it to hurt, but he still felt the cock. When he felt the warm wine run down his legs, balls and cock, Ron feared he'd be punished, but Rabastan never said a single thing that made him think he was in trouble. "Oh yes, I like this," he continued to say as he assaulted Ron's arse, pushing him into the mattress.

"Are you my fuck toy?" Rabastan growled. Ron wasn't aware that it was a question at first so he didn't answer, but he soon realised his mistake when Rabastan slapped his arse. "Tell me, are you my fuck toy?"

"Yes," Ron said, hating the name.

"Yes what?"

Ron thought he was safe simply agreeing to it, but Rabastan had other plans. "I'm your fuck toy," Ron replied, feeling far more humiliated than before.

"Good. Now, tell me how much you love my cock in your arse." Ron was bad with words, and even worse trying to come up with things to say on command. "Tell me how much you love my cock," Rabastan repeated, slowing down a little as he waited for Ron to speak.

"I love your cock in my arse." Ron replied, hoping it was enough.

"What do you love about it?"

The humiliation would never end if Ron had to continue. "It's―" Ron tried to think of something to say, but his mind was blank.

"Tell me," he growled behind Ron, his voice deep and dangerous.

"So long," Ron said quickly.

"Do you like my long cock fucking your pretty hole?"


"Is there anything else you like about it?"

"It's big." It was easier to reply that time, but the humiliation was still as bad.

"Yes, now, tell me how much you like my cock inside you."

Fearing that he'd punish Ron if he said anything wrong, Ron tried his hardest to give a pleasing answer. "I love your big and long cock fucking me," he said, the heat of his embarrassment almost too much for him.

"Perfect, such a perfect slut."

Ron believed that would be the moment where Rabastan would fuck him senseless until he came inside of Ron,only to change his mind. Pulling out, Rabastan told Ron to stand up. Ron stared at Rabastan, curious about what he'd do next. Rabastan found his wand and with a flick of his wrist, the mattress was once again dry. Ron was about to get down on all fours again when Rabastan stopped him.

"I want something different," he said and lay down on his back, his hard cock standing straight up. Ron knew what he wanted, and decided to obey, especially since he liked it the last time.

Slowly he sat down on the hard cock, gasping as it entered him deeper than he expected. Sitting on top of someone felt completely different than being penetrated from behind, and Rabastan felt longer than before. It even felt as if he entered Ron deeper than his older brother.

"Yes, now ride me like a perfect whore."

Ron did, moving his hips back and forth until he had a good rhythm. Rabastan's hands gripped his hips, making it easier for him to move by helping him. His own cock was still hard, bouncing up and down between them. When Rabastan released one of his hips, and moved his hand down to Ron's cock, he didn't know what to expect. Luckily for Ron, Rabastan did not plan anything horrible as he started stroking his cock, forcing moan after moan out of Ron's sore throat.

"Ah, yes, ride my big cock. Do you like it?" Ron somehow managed to nod while he rocked back and forth. "Do you like Daddy's cock?"

Ron's eyes opened wide. At first he didn't believe he'd heard right, that maybe Rabastan had mumbled and he didn't quite catch it. "What?" he asked.

"I asked if you liked riding Daddy's cock. You better answer or I'll punish you. And don't stop fucking me." Ron moved again, his cheeks burning when he thought about what Rabastan just asked. It shouldn't shock him, he knew Rabastan was perverted, but he never imagined he wanted to pretend he was Ron's father.

"Answer me."

"Yes, I like it," Ron said, trying to look anywhere but at Rabastan, hoping most of the blush would disappear.

"Good boy. Now ride Daddy's cock. Come for me."

It was one of the most embarrassing things he'd heard so far, and yet, as Ron thought about it, he was strangely turned on. He doubted he'd ever be able to do anything like that with his own father, that was just too wrong, but as a different kind of sexual play, in the situation he was in, he found it embarrassingly exciting.

"Oh, such a pretty boy. Do you like my cock?" All Ron could do was nod as he kept riding Rabastan. "Tell me, I want to hear your pretty voice."


"Yes what?" Ron knew exactly what Rabastan wanted to hear, and while he thought of staying quiet, he wanted to say it.

"Yes, Daddy." It seemed to be the thing that pushed Rabastan closer to his own orgasm, as well as Ron. Together they moaned in pleasure, faster and faster until Ron couldn't hold it and came all over Rabastan. Luckily Rabastan came not so long after, which was perfect timing because Ron's thighs had already started to cramp up.

Ron's body was exhausted, and he wanted to lie down in order to catch his breath, but Rabastan had other wishes.

"You must do one last thing before I'll give you your treat: lick your come off my chest."

"No," Ron said before he could stop himself. He stared at Rabastan, half expecting the Death Eater to tell him he'd regret refusing.

"What do you want most in this world? Except for your freedom, that is."

Ron thought about it, not sure if Rabastan was joking or not. "What do you mean?"

"Like, do you wish most that you could take a bath, sleep in a bed, or eat something special?"

"I want all those things," Ron simply replied.

"Well, what if you could have all those things, if you simply obey me?"

"Really?" Ron had a hard time accepting that Rabastan was willing to give him all those things, which was what made his decision much harder. "Do you promise?"

"Of course I promise. Just because I'm a Death Eater doesn't mean I won't keep my word." Ron still doubted him, but the thought of a bath, a bed and food pushed him. Slowly he leaned down to Rabastan's chest, sticking out his tongue and licking every drop that had landed on Rabastan.

"Good job. Now, clean my cock, with your mouth."

"But," Ron started, only to be slapped by Rabastan. His left cheek stung while he stared at Rabastan, not believing what had happened.

"I won't tolerate disobedience, you better learn that. Lick my cock before I change my mind about your treat." Really wanting his treat, Ron reached for Rabastan's cock, hoping it wouldn't taste as bad as he imagined after it being in his arse. The cock didn't taste that different from the previous one Ron had tasted, except for a hint of wine.

When Rabastan was clean Ron sat up, the feeling of accomplishing something filling him. Deep down he knew it wasn't right to feel proud, but a lot had changed in the month he'd been their prisoner.

"Good boy. Now, get dressed. I'm taking you home."



No matter what happened over the next few weeks, no matter how much Rabastan or Rodolphus spanked him, no matter how many times they decided to fuck both his arse and mouth, or his arse at the same time, or the endless fisting sessions, or the times where they wanted to see what things would fit into his arse, it was all worth it.

Ron was allowed to bathe almost every day; he was given good food and was allowed to sleep in a bed, just as Rabastan promised. Those luxuries were well worth the treatment he got, even when Rabastan refused him clothes as they ate, or slept together, because Rabastan wanted to spoon Ron so he could fuck him as soon as he woke up.

It was still worth it.

Although both brothers had him, Rodolphus was often occupied. Rabastan told him once he had other obligations to attend to, one of them being his wife; and because of his high position in Voldemort's circle, he was often sent out on missions. Rabastan made sure to spend every second he could with Ron, fucking him, playing with him or torturing him.

Staying in Rabastan's house was different from the cell in other ways; they were often not alone. While he was allowed to walk around the house, he quickly learned to stay away from the living area because it was often used as a gathering for Death Eaters.

Unfortunately, the Lestrange brothers had other plans. "We've got some new toys for you," Rabastan said, handing Ron a wrapped gift. Ron knew them enough to know that the content of the gift would not be something good.

He was right.

"Today you'll not only be our sex toy, but you'll be our puppy as well." Ron stared at them in disbelief, not sure if he understood what they meant. A puppy? Was he supposed to role play?

He didn't question them, instead he followed their instructions. They fastened a collar around his neck, and attached a leash to it. Then they found something that Ron thought looked like a butt plug with something attached to the end, which took him a moment to realise was supposed to represent a tail. His whole face turned several degrees hotter as he imagined the tail sticking out from his arse.

"Bend over," Rodolphus said. Ron did as he wished and bent down across the bed. Magic rushed through him as they prepared him, cleaning him and then filling his arse with lube. Ron gasped slightly both times, never really getting used to the magic rushing through his arse.

After the tail was in place, they had one last thing for him. At first Ron didn't know what the metal thing was, not until Rabastan grabbed his cock and balls. Ron wanted to pull away from the strange device, but he didn't; instead he waited patiently as they caged his most private parts in the strange device.

"There, all dressed up. Now, let's see if he obeys. Get down on all fours," Rabastan ordered, holding the leash in one hand and his wand in the other. Maybe he planned to whip him again like he did several times before, but all he did was to make the tail wag. Feeling the butt plug move felt really strange, and crawling around didn't help.

"Come here," Rodolphus said, his arms crossed in front of his chest. Ron did as he wished, because he knew exactly what would happen to him if he didn't obey. "Up on two legs." Ron was about to stand up when Rabastan forcefully held him down.

"Not like a human, like a dog." Taking a second to think, Ron lifted his hands up to his chest and stood up on his knees, hoping that was what they wanted. Rabastan clapped and told him he was a fast learner, Rodolphus didn't say anything; instead he sat down on the chair in the corner, staring intently at Ron.

"What are you thinking about?" Rabastan asked his brother, who was still looking at Ron.

"I think he's missing something."

"Maybe the ears?" Rabastan looked in the box and pulled up a head harness with dog ears attached to it.

"Better," Rodolphus agreed, but he still didn't look completely satisfied.

"Maybe our puppy needs to do a few tricks. Why don't you show my brother what a nice arse you have?"

It wasn't the first time Ron had exposed his arse to them; they often made him do embarrassing things, but he'd never had a tail plug, which moved. Guessing they wanted him to continue being a dog, he got down on all fours again, turning around and showing them his arse.

When Rodolphus groaned, Ron knew he'd done something right, and a pleasing feeling passed through him.

"Come here," Rodolphus said a few seconds later. Ron turned and slowly crawled over to Rodolphus. "I want you to lick my cock, like you would lick your own arse."

The thought of licking his own arse wasn't something that excited Ron, and luckily for him they hadn't made him lick their arses. He thought that since Rabastan often enjoyed doing it to Ron he'd want the favour returned, but he seemed to enjoy making Ron suck him instead.

As soon as the cock was free, Ron started to lick it, until it was wet all over and Rodolphus was pleased. "I really wish I could fuck you right now, such an obedient pup, and boy. Our little fuck toy." The word fuck toy didn't affect Ron as much as before, maybe because they constantly used the word, or maybe because it was the least humiliating thing said to him.

"Alright, we better take him down before they get impatient." Ron stared back and forth between the men; confused, afraid. He didn't want to meet anyone else, he didn't want them to see what he'd become, and he especially didn't want anyone else to be playing with him. The Lestranges did enough to him to last him a lifetime, and they had mostly stopped hurting him badly; he didn't know what the others would do.

He didn't disobey them; he knew better than that, and they lead him out of the bedroom and down the stairs―which Ron was allowed to walk down properly―and into the living area. Ron didn't want to look at the other Death Eaters, afraid he might try to run if he did, but he stared at each one of them with interest.

He didn't recognize any of the Death Eaters, which was just as well, because then maybe they wouldn't know who he was.

"This is our pet." Just as they introduced Ron, he realised he wasn't the only slave there; there were a few boys and girls hiding behind other Death Eaters, some dressed as dogs, others as cats.

"Apparently you're the most obedient," Rabastan told Ron, who was still occupied looking at the other slaves. That was when he saw the marks across their bodies, which reminded him of the marks he used to have when he was first taken. "They've been in training to be a perfect fuck toy almost as long as you, but they still decide to fight, and most of the other masters aren't even half as bad as we are."

Ron hated knowing that he'd given up and accepted his fate while others still fought their captors. He was pathetic and weak. But then again, he'd avoided torture, and was allowed to come almost every day.

"Why don't you show them just how obedient you are? Stand."

For a second Ron thought of standing up like he normally would, but then remembered he was a dog, so he stood up like he did before, on his knees. It was really uncomfortable knowing the Death Eaters could see his caged cock, but he wouldn't be able to hide it, unless he wanted to disobey and be punished.

"Good boy. Now, why don't you show them just how much you like cock?" Confused, Ron stared at Rabastan. "Go on," he nodded. Ron guessed he meant pick a random Death Eater, which was almost a difficult choice since he didn't know any of the men and didn't know how kind they were, or how big.

Picking a random man who looked to be both kind and a normal size, Ron got down on all fours and crawled to him, moving between his half open legs, pressing his nose against his crotch. There were a few giggles in the room, but almost just as many moans and gasps. The Death Eater opened his legs even more, giving Ron more space, before he opened his trousers and pulled out his cock. Ron didn't waste any time thinking about it; he simply started licking the cock from base to tip until it stood up by itself, before swallowing the cock, which was luckily not as big as Rabastan's or Rodolphus'.

The man moaned and started to fuck Ron's mouth, grabbing his hair so he could easier control his mouth. Ron'd had a lot of training and could easily deep throat.

While he was occupied sucking the stranger, Rabastan must have pulled out his wand and made the buttplug vibrate, surprising Ron who hadn't expected it. As soon as the shock passed, Ron concentrated on the cock in his mouth.

"Shit, he's good," the stranger said, grabbing Ron's head with both his hands, forcing his cock into his mouth faster until all Ron had to do was control his gag reflex as the man came deep down his throat.

Done, the man tucked his cock away and sat down on the sofa, trying to catch his breath.

"Who's next?" Ron heard Rabastan ask behind him. He wished he could object to their plans without being punished, but seeing as that would never happen, he waited. Ron was also sure they would punish him harder once they weren't surrounded by their friends, and that was something Ron didn't want to do.

A new Death Eater stood in front of Ron, his cock hanging out of his trousers, half hard. Ron knew he'd probably suck every man in the room before he was taken away, so he tried his hardest not to dislike his task in the beginning.

He was right; every man expected him to suck them, abusing his mouth until they came deep down his throat until he didn't feel hunger.

"Good dog," Rabastan said and patted Ron's head. "You've really made us proud, which has earned you a wish." While Ron loved the few wishes he was given, he knew there were restrictions to what he could get. "Ok, come with me. Better take you back before the meeting starts."

Even if he didn't mind sucking cock, Ron didn't like the strangers or their cocks, since they didn't taste familiar. Another thing he didn't like was seeing the disgusted looks of the other slaves, knowing that they judged him.

Back in his room, Rabastan slowly pulled out the vibrating butt plug. Ron then stared at him, wondering if he was allowed to act as a human again. "You can speak," Rabastan said, slowly running his fingers up and down Ron's crack.

"Will you force me to be a dog other times?" he said, gasping when Rabastan pushed two fingers into his arse.

"I don't think so, seeing that it wasn't really our idea in the beginning. I must admit, seeing you crawl around like a dog really turned me on, especially when you sucked all those cocks." Ron's elbows gave in as Rabastan continued to rub his sensitive spot, sending trembles through Ron's body, his cock hardening in the cage, filling it.

"Do you like this?" Rabastan asked.

"Yes," Ron answered.

"Good," Rabastan said before pulling his fingers out of Ron's arse, replacing them with his hard cock. Ron's arms gave in and he fell forward, trying to grab something while Rabastan forcefully fucked him, making him moan until his throat was dry.

"Fuck, your arse is so perfect. I wish I didn't have to leave you alone the rest of the day, or any day. Shit, I'm going to come." A few seconds later and he came deep inside Ron, grunting until he fell down on top of Ron, forcing him down on the hard floor beneath him. Normally Ron wouldn't have said a word, but the cock cage was painful to lie upon, so he had to say something.

"It hurts to lie on the cage," he admitted, hoping Rabastan wouldn't punish him.

Pulling out with a pop, Rabastan allowed Ron to turn on his back. "You better not try to masturbate with it on." Ron nodded, wanting to say he wasn't stupid, but chose not to.

Standing, Rabastan cleaned himself and walked towards the door. "Seeing as you swallowed that much come I don't see why you need food today, so no food until I return tomorrow, understood?" Ron nodded where he lay on his back on the floor. It was sad he wouldn't be allowed to eat, but he decided not to question Rabastan and his decisions.

Rabastan then left Ron completely alone in his room, not locking the door seeing as Ron was too afraid to go down to the first floor, and even if he wasn't, he wouldn't be able to leave the house.

Eventually Ron managed to get himself to the bathroom where he cleaned himself before going to bed, tired from the abuse of his mouth.



Being horny as hell, but unable to pleasure himself or come because of the cock cage, Ron couldn't hide his happiness when the Lestrange brothers came in the next day and told him he could come. He'd become a whore who wanted orgasms, and while it was humiliating to think about, it was one of the few pleasures he had while being imprisoned, and his living conditions were so good that he might survive until the war ended, if it ever did.

Even if he did most often end up pleasing the brothers, once in awhile they wanted to give him a treat for his obedience, and they thought that after all the men he'd sucked, he deserved something special. Special that day meant Ron sucking Rodolphus as Rabastan rimmed him from behind, before fucking him slowly until the cage hurt Ron's balls. It was only when they were satisfied that they allowed him to come, which Ron did as soon as the cage was off.

After the intense orgasm, Ron lay down between them, trying to catch his breath as they softly caressed his skin, making him feel even better.

Days came and went, and before Ron knew it, Christmas was upon them. The only reason he knew it for sure was because Rabastan told him as he entered his bedroom with Christmas decorations, or, that was what Ron was made to believe at first.

"Before we start today, there will be some pain first." Ron stared at Rabastan, slightly afraid of what he might do to him. "Don't worry, not the whipping kind of pain, it's more of a ripping out hair kind of pain; I'm going to wax almost your entire body."

Ron didn't quite know what it meant, not only because he didn't pay attention to what his sister or other girls talked about, but also because he wasn't interested in anything that had to do with looks.

He soon discovered that waxing was in fact torture. Ron constantly reminded himself of the first weeks of punishment, where he was almost flogged until his skin was torn, before they healed him and left him. Compared to that pain waxing was nothing, but that thought didn't help him stop screaming.

It hurt the most on sensitive places, like around his knees, on his chest, and especially between his arse cheeks or around his cock and balls.

"Oh, poor you, hurting so badly. Well, don't fear, you'll be moaning soon enough." Ron didn't doubt it, so he patiently waited until Rabastan was pleased with his work.

"There, done. Now I think it's time to play." Ron felt Rabastan's fingers run up and down his crack before trying to push into Ron's dry arse."Mmm, really smooth." Pulling his finger away, Rabastan placed his wand next to Ron's entrance and sent another cleaning spell into his arse; Ron was used to the charm by then and didn't react to it, but he did react when Rabastan spread his cheeks with his fingers, before a wet tongue played with his arse hole again.

Ron moaned and pushed his arse against the tongue, wanting it to go deeper than was possible.

After teasing Ron for another few minutes, Rabastan pulled away and told him he had a treat for him. Ron watched him carefully as he pulled out big, round and colourful candy balls from a small bag, but he would soon realise the candy had another purpose than being eaten. With a little lube, Rabastan slowly pushed one after another into Ron's smooth arse. Ron moaned slightly every time Rabastan pushed one into him, and while he hated to waste candy, his cock still grew until it started leaking.

"Do you like this?" Rabastan asked and squeezed Ron's aching cock.

"Yes," Ron moaned, slowly fucking the fist.

"Mmm, good. Just relax a little, you're going to push out the candy as soon as I'm done with the rest." Ron moaned again the next time another candy ball was pushed into his arse.

He didn't keep track of how many were inside him, but after a while his arse felt full, and he hoped Rabastan was almost done. "Are there many left?" he asked.

"Five more, and then you'll be doing some of the work," Rabastan answered right before squeezing Ron's cock, forcing a moan out of him.

He waited patiently for Rabastan to be done, and then he followed the instructions and started to squeeze out the candy balls, which sounded easier than it was. One after another they popped out of his arse and landed on the bed or floor, Rabastan standing behind him masturbating himself as he watched Ron struggle to push the rest of the balls out.

"I can't wait to fuck that sweet hole of yours, you nasty whore," Rabastan groaned, occasionally spanking Ron's arse cheeks while wanking.

Every time Ron managed to push another ball out, he struggled a little more with the rest, having to push harder, to move his arse around in the hope that the candy would re-position itself so it would be easier for him.

"I can't get the rest out," Ron whined after trying a long time to push the remaining two out.

"Don't worry, they will dissolve and come out later. But until that happens, I think we should continue with our play, don't you think as well?" Ron wanted to say that he'd feel better knowing he didn't have candy stuck up his arse, but agreed with Rabastan.

"I brought some things we could play with that I'm sure you'll like." Ron stared at Rabastan as he pulled Christmas lights out of another bag. At first he wondered if Rabastan planned to decorate his room, but then realised the lights were for him. Using his skills in bondage, Rabastan tied the lights around Ron's limbs, making him stand on all fours before pulling his hands between Ron's legs, tying them to his own ankles. That position lifted his arse so high that his own cheeks spread for Rabastan, who didn't forget to comment.

"Such a sexy arse. I want to fuck it so hard until we pass out from the constant pleasure." Ron's face was pressed against the mattress, being the only thing besides his shoulders that stopped him from tipping forward. "Do you want your arse fucked?" Rabastan asked, once again running his fingers up and down Ron's crack, the Christmas lights blinking different colours.

"Yes please," Ron replied, his answer slightly muffled by the bed.

"Good." Ron thought Rabastan would fuck him with his cock, but instead of the warm and soft cock, something hard was pressed into his hole.

"What's that?" Ron asked when most of the surprise had passed.

"Nothing much, just a large candy cane." Ron moaned as he imagined the large colourful cane fucking his arse, his cock aching even more, dripping down on the bed.

"Ngh," Ron moaned, pushing back against the cane as Rabastan started to fuck him, the sugar cane slowly melting from the heat inside Ron. His arse felt sticky, and even if Ron wanted to say something, he loved being fucked far too much to stop Rabastan.

"I can't wait until you're done, then I'm going to lick your arse until I've licked all the sugar." Thinking about it made it hard for Ron to control his body.

"Tell me, have you been a good boy, or a bad boy?" Rabastan asked a few seconds later.

"Good boy," Ron replied, thinking it was the right answer.

"Are you sure that'll be your answer? You do know that good boys don't fuck, they wait until they marry."

Rabastan stopped fucking Ron with the cane, which frustrated him. Not wanting things to end right then, Ron decided to change his answer. "I'm a bad boy," he said, hoping Rabastan would continue.

"Oh, I like to hear that, because punishing bad boys is what I enjoy doing the most." Ron wondered if it was a mistake to change his answer, but he wanted to come, even if it meant being punished.

Rabstan pushed the cane deep inside Ron until it wasn't possible to push it any further because of the bended top of the cane. There was a little movement behind Ron before Rabastan smacked Ron's arse without warning. It didn't come as a surprise to Ron that he decided to use the paddle, but he did wish Rabastan had told him what he'd planned to do.

"I want you to tell me when you can't take it any more." Rabastan didn't have to tell him not to lie, Ron had learned the hard way that it wouldn't work. Hit after hit crossed his arse, his cheeks stinging more each time, becoming hotter and hotter until Ron couldn't take it any more.

"Please, no more, please," he moaned, knowing Rabastan enjoyed hearing him beg.

"Mmmh, I'm not sure you've learned your lesson yet."

"I have, I promise."

"Are you sure?"


"I think you need to prove to me that you've learned your lesson; why don't you come here and sit on my lap, and tell me just what a good boy you are." Rabastan then used magic to untie Ron's wrists from his ankles.

Slowly, Ron pushed himself from the bed and faced Rabastan; it was quite difficult with a cane up his arse, but because Rabastan hadn't told him he could take it out, he made sure it didn't fall out. Rabastan sat naked on a chair, his cock standing straight up, slowly leaking.

"Sit on my lap," Rabastan repeated, and Ron knew exactly what he thought.

"Can I take the cane out first?"

"Oh, good boy, you're clearly learning. Yes, take it out, then suck on it like a good boy." Ron did as he was told, slowly pulling it out of his arse, before licking everything that had been inside him. He'd learned not to fear things that had been inside his arse, especially because the Lestrange brothers always made sure to clean him before they played with him.

The cane tasted quite good, probably because it was only sugar, but Ron still liked it. "Good, looks clean. Now, get here."

Placing the cane on the small coffee table, Ron straddled Rabastan's lap, grabbing his cock to position it correctly. Because of the games Rabastan played with him, his arse was stretched and ready. The cock entered him without hurting his arse, and as soon as he found a good position, he rode Rabastan's cock like the good boy he was told he was.

"Tell me what you are," Rabastan groaned.

"I'm a good boy," Ron gasped as he moved faster and faster, his cock bouncing between them.

"Are you? And will you obey from now on?"

"Yes, I'll behave. I'll do everything you want."

"Good. Tell me just how much you lik being fucked by me."

It wasn't the first time Ron was forced to admit things he would much rather keep to himself, but it wasn't the most embarrassing thing they made him do either. "I love your cock, it's so thick and big, and it feels so good inside me." Ron struggled to speak as he fucked Rabastan, but he couldn't stop, not before Rabastan was pleased with his answer. "I love being fucked by it, I love sucking it, and I love riding it."

"Do you love being fucked by me? By a Death Eater?" Ron knew well enough what Rabastan was, but hearing him say it was different than even seeing the Dark Mark on his arm.

It almost brought him back to the day he was forced to kiss their Dark Marks, before he was constantly mocked for being their whore.

"Yes," he admitted. It was hard to agree since he almost hated what he'd become, but the truth was that he loved the sex, and no matter how cruel they might be, they always made sure he was healed afterwards and was able to come. "I love being your Death Eater whore."

"Fuck, I can't hold it." Rabastan's body trembled slightly as he came closer to his orgasm.

Ron loved the few times he had the chance to be in charge, and this time was one of those moments. "Yeah, fuck me harder, I want to feel you come deep inside me. I want your Death Eater sperm to fill me up."

"Shit, ahh, Ron..."

"Yes, that's my name, say it again, tell me what I am."

Rabastan lost it right then. Grabbing Ron, he pulled him off his lap and threw him against the edge of the bed. "Turn around, whore." Ron knew well enough what would happen next, what Rabastan wanted to do, and with a faint smile upon his lips, he turned around.

Almost as soon as he was turned over Rabastan's cock was buried deep inside Ron, before Rabastan used all his energy to fuck Ron so hard that he constantly crossed Ron's spot, and the friction around Ron's cock was so good. "Shit, fuck me harder," Ron groaned deeply against the mattress, holding it tightly as his body prepared itself for a strong orgasm.

Ron came before Rabastan, his whole body shaking and screams of pleasure filling the room. Rabastan wasn't far behind, his groans getting louder every second, sounding more and more like a dangerous animal before he came deep inside Ron.

When Rabastan was done, he fell down on top of Ron, his damp skin rubbing against Ron's, breathing down Ron's neck.

Their orgasms were so strong and good that the only thing they wanted to do was crawl on top of the bed and hold each other as they went to sleep, exhausted in a good way.

Click here for part three.
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