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What Is Lost (Part I of IV) - A gift for The Community!

Title: What Is Lost
Author: imera
Recipient: The Community
Pairing(s): Rabastan/Ron, Rabastan/Ron/Rodolphus, Rodolphus/Ron, Rabastan/Rodolphus, Ron/Bill, multiple/Ron
Word Count: ~30700
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Slavery, torture, humiliation, whipping, spanking, non-con, dub-con, object insertion, big object insertion, orgasm play, threesome, double penetration, incest play, fisting, puppy play, incest, wax play, public humiliation, power struggle, gang bang, bukkake, werewolf beastiality, Stockholm syndrome, bondage, forced incest
Summary: Captured by the Lestrange brothers, Ron was certain he would die, but they had other plans for him.
Author's Notes: Lot's and lots of love to both the mods for the extensions, I would never have finished this story without the extra time. And a lot of love to my beta who doesn't like long stories, but was willing to help me. I hope this story will be liked by the community.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter and all related characters are the property of JK Rowling. I make no money from this work.



Ron should never have left his friends. He should have believed them when they said he was mistaken; he should have realised just how manipulative the necklace was. No matter how hard he wished, there was no way of turning back time to that dreadful day, when he walked out on his friends, and into the open arms of the Lestrange brothers.

When he was younger, Fred and George often told him horror stories about the Lestrange brothers and their cruelty, which ended up with Ron crying and their mother scolding the twins. All grown up, and their captive, Ron realised the horror was real.

Luckily for Ron, things never became as gory as in the tales, because then he'd be dead within a week. Of course, it didn't mean things were easy for him, not with their twisted ideas of fun.

The first weeks were a nightmare; Ron honestly thought he'd die several times before he passed out. Each morning, as the sun shined through the small window, he'd wake, his body aching more than the day before. Every time he heard a door open in the distance he feared they'd return, but they never came during the day.

Ron never told them everything, no matter how much they tortured and humiliated him, and it wasn't only because they never really had any plans besides destroying the horcruxes. They successfully broke him, making him confess the few things he knew, which he hoped wasn't helpful at all. He thought that once he'd confessed they would either set him free, take his life or let him be; he soon discovered that their plans for him had only just started.

Three days after he confessed, they returned, grinning widely as they stared at Ron's chained up body.

"Come here," Rodolphus ordered, dropping a large sack next to himself. Ron stared at the bag, knowing that whatever it contained was not good. "Now!" Rodolphus yelled. Ron didn't want to obey, but he feared what they would do to him if he didn't.

Slowly, he stood and walked over to the brothers. Every part of his body ached from the torture they had inflicted upon him as well as sleeping on the cold floor. When Rabastan pulled out his wand, Ron wanted to run, but one look at the men and he was frozen in fear.

Rodolphus did not torture him with magic, instead he undid the chain around Ron's leg and held it between his hands. "Lift your hands," he said. Still afraid, Ron did as ordered, only to have the cold and heavy chains wrapped around his wrists. Another flick with his wand, and the chains tightened before brutally pulling Ron's arms up in the air. Ron stared at the chains as they attached themselves to the ceiling, regretting obeying.

Scared, he looked at the brothers, trying to pull away when he saw the darkness in their eyes, darkness and desire.

Instinctively he tried to pull away when Rabastan reached for the bag and pulled out a wooden paddle. He didn't need to be as intelligent as Hermione to know the use of such an object.

"There there, I promise this won't hurt as much as the torture." Grabbing Ron's trousers, Rabastan pulled them down, exposing Ron's arse. Ron tried his hardest to turn around, only to moan when the chains brutally cut into his wrists. "Be a good boy and stand still; we wouldn't want to accidentally hit your balls, would we now?" It was a warning, Ron knew that, and he also knew that he should obey.

Not wanting to know when the first strike would be, Ron closed his eyes and tried to think about Harry and Hermione, one of the few memories he still had.

When the paddle first hit his naked arse, his whole body arched, his cock, which he'd almost forgotten about, bounced between his legs and his face scrunched together as the pain rushed through his body. For a second he struggled to breathe, before the pain released him and his muscles relaxed again.

"What do you say, Rod, twenty?" Ron barely heard Rabastan as he was occupied getting over the shock of the first blow.

"Sounds good, since it's his first time." The paddle hit his arse again, before Rodolphus was done talking. Ron's body arched, and this time he tried to move further away from Rabastan, only to gasp when the chains hurt him again.

"Two," Rabastan growled into Ron's ear. "Count, slave, or I'll use my wand and torture you like before."

As bad as the spanking was, Ron didn't want to experience the torture again. "Two," he whispered, his eyes stinging as the familiar tears threatened to expose themselves. No matter how hard he tried, he knew they would eventually come, especially when the Lestrange's were with him.

A third hit crossed his arse, this time stinging more than before, sending a sickening feeling through his lower body. "Three," he gasped, knowing the best thing to do in his situation was to do as they ordered, even if it meant humiliating himself.

The fourth hit stung so hard he wasn't able to hold back his tears, or a shriek. "Four."

"Such an obedient boy, don't you think?" Rabastan asked his brother, who hummed a reply. "I wonder, do you think it's a good plan to take him out on a trip?" Ron turned his head, wondering what he meant by that. Of course, anything that would get him out of his cell sounded good.

"If he obeys I don't see why we couldn't. Will you behave?" Rodolphus asked Ron, looking down Ron's body. Remembering his cock was exposed, Ron looked away, not wanting to let Rodolphus know just how embarrassed he was. "Will you?" Rodolphus asked again, hitting Ron's arse a fifth time with the paddle. Ron screamed, his arse burning more than before. "Answer me," Rodolphus demanded with a dark look in his eyes. "And you better keep counting."

Swallowing, Ron tried to remember how many times Rabastan had hit him. "Yes, and five."

"Good boy." Rodolphus clapped Ron's cheek, making Ron pull away from the touch.

Rabastan took that as a sign and continued the spanking, waiting long enough for Ron to catch his breath and count. There were no real breaks after that, as soon as Ron counted the next swat hit his arse. He realised that if he waited a little he had a chance to catch his breath. It worked for a while, until the brothers noticed what he was doing and punished him by spanking him the last six hits really fast, not caring if Ron counted or not. His body arched and he tried to pull away from the paddle that felt like fire each time it crossed his arse.

"Next time we won't be this kind," Rodolphus said when they were done, squeezing Ron's wet cheeks between his fingers, forcing Ron to look at him. The pain was almost as bad as one of their spells, and while he knew it wasn't possible with the paddle, he feared his skin had been flogged off his arse. "If you think you can fool us, then go ahead, I don't mind seeing you try as it gives me a perfect reason to punish you for misbehaving."

Right as Rodolphus finished his threat, Rabastan decided to grab Ron's arse cheeks, making him flinch from the burning pain from the paddle. "Such a fuckable hole." Ron tried to move his arse away from Rabastan, but being in the middle of the brothers made moving a difficult task.

When Ron felt a finger slowly run across his arse hole, his whole body froze. "Unless you want it to hurt, you better relax." Rodolphus said, releasing Ron's face.

Rabastan let go of his arse cheeks and moved around Ron's body. "Lick my finger," he ordered. Ron stared at the finger, not sure why. "If you don't, it will hurt far more." He knew that Rabastan was right. He might be twisted, but until then he'd never lied about what would happen. Opening his mouth, Ron felt the finger enter, deeper than he first imagined it would. Wanting to be in as little pain as possible, Ron ran his tongue across the finger, trying not to cringe at the taste. It didn't taste awful, but strange; after all, Ron wasn't used to another person's finger in his mouth.

"Good boy," Rabastan said, pulling out his finger and moving behind Ron. He spread Ron's arse cheeks like before, and something hard rested against his entrance. It took Ron less than a second to realise it was Rabastan's wand, sending a cold feeling up his arse. As soon as the magic ended, the wand was traded with the slick finger, slowly pushing against his entrance. Ron's body tensed, which made the single finger painful. "Relax," Rabastan whispered, continuing to push the finger into Ron.

It was extremely difficult to obey; he'd never had anything inside his arse before and had no idea what would happen next. It was only a finger, not that thick, or long, but it was both painful and humiliating. He closed his eyes and tried to think about something else like his home, where breakfast was always a feast. None of his tries paid off as he was pulled back to reality whenever the finger wiggled inside him, which happened more often after a while.

Without warning, a wave of pleasure passed through his body. It was a small wave, and quickly drowned in the discomfort, but it was there, and it shocked Ron. Luckily for him the Lestranges' had not noticed the small change right then; he couldn't imagine how he'd feel with them knowing there was a second where he felt pleasure.

It never happened a second time, which was good because Ron didn't want them to know about it.

"I want to fuck his tight virgin hole right now," Rabastan said, twirling his finger around, luckily never against that spot that almost made Ron moan in pleasure.

"You could have if you hadn't decided to spank him first." Ron shuddered at the thought of the meeting ending differently, but knowing that they would return later wasn't comforting.

The finger slowly withdrew, giving Ron hope that they'd leave without causing him more pain. His wish was almost granted, except for Rabastan spanking Ron's arse with his palm. Ron screamed in shock and pain, tears pouring out of his eyes like he was a small child.

"We've got to go," Rabastan said, picking up the bag and throwing it in the corner furthest away from Ron.

Without warning, one of the men released the chains from the ceiling. It resulted in a chain reaction which caused Ron even more pain. His legs were weak and unable to support his weight, making him fall down, his knees crashing against the stone floor. The chains also caused some damage, crashing hard against his shoulder. The pain in his knees, shoulder and arse was more than Ron could take and he screamed before falling down on his side.

While lying on his side, one of the men released the chains from his wrists and returned it to his ankle, probably fastening it to the wall again.

Mentioning how pathetic he was, they laughingly left the room, closing the heavy door behind them. Ron was crying, but once he was completely alone he couldn't help sobbing. Pulling his knees up against his chest, his naked and sore arse still exposed, he tried to leave to his happy place where there was no Voldemort.

Exhausted, humiliated and simply not caring about anything, he drifted off to sleep.



Sometime in the middle of the night Ron woke up cold. Still half asleep, he pulled his trousers up his bruised legs, cringing when the fabric brushed against his sore skin. Softly he placed his palm against his arse cheek, confused when he felt just how warm his arse was; at least it didn't feel like he was bleeding. Exhausted, he pulled his legs up against his chest, trying to return to his peaceful dream.

The next morning he was brutally woken with a kick. Screaming, he grabbed his leg, trying to stop the pain.

"Wake up, sleeping beauty," a familiar voice cooed. Ron feared what was to come; Rabastan waking him was never a good sign.

Not wanting to anger him more than needed, Ron tried to sit up, only to hiss when he accidentally sat on his sore arse.

"What's the matter? Does it still sting?" Ron didn't reply, he knew better than that. "Don't worry, I've got a salve here that will heal your arse." He looked up, not sure what Rabastan was planning.

Rabastan looked rather pleased with himself as he showed Ron the jar, teasing Ron by waving it in front of him. "Do you want it?" he asked.

Ron looked down at the floor again, afraid that it was a trap.

"I promise you I won't spank you; it will be a while before I'll do that again." The tone he used sent a shiver through Ron. "So, do you want it?"

Knowing there was no way he could sit without being reminded about the previous night, Ron decided to accept the offer. Closing his eyes, he nodded.

"Great. Stand." There was no way around it, Ron had to do as he was ordered if he wanted the pain to go away. Slowly he rose, still avoiding Rabastan.

He might not be looking directly at the Death Eater, but he could still see what he was doing, and as soon as Ron stood up, Rabastan pulled out his wand. Ron's first instinct, besides wanting to reach for his own nonexistent wand, was to back away.

He managed to control himself, but he still flinched when a spell was cast towards him. It was a simple release spell that was sent towards the chains around his ankle.

Grabbing the chains, Rabastan stared at Ron with the familiar Lestrange smirk. "Give me your hands," he said.

Ron wasn't able to stop himself from looking up in shock. "But you-" he started, only to be interrupted by Rabastan.

"And I won't spank you, but that doesn't mean I can't have fun in a different way."

Ron didn't like the way he said fun, but a burning feeling reminded him that he needed the salve.

Obediently, he lifted his hands and offered them to Rabastan. He wrapped the chains around Ron's wrists and used his wand to tighten them, before he made the chains once again attach to the same spot as the previous night. Ron wasn't able to control himself when he found himself in the same position as before. His heart beat harder and faster, and he struggled to stand as he moved around, trying to pull his hands from the chains.

When Rabastan grabbed his trousers and pushed them down Ron's legs things got even worse, until Ron tried to move away from the man.

"If you don't relax at once I'll take back my promise." Not wanting to feel the paddle on his arse again, Ron tried to relax.

It took more than a few seconds, but eventually he was calm again, only to scream when he felt a warm hand against his sore arse. "Such a pretty colour, still as red as yesterday. I love magical paddles, they don't fade as fast as normal ones do."

Ron never imagined it could be magical, mostly because he'd never felt a paddle against his arse before, but also because he'd never thought about it.

The hand removed itself from his arse, the cold air of the room barely cooling his burning skin. When the hand returned it was no longer warm. Ron found himself relax as the salve was slowly rubbed against his cheeks.

It was comforting, and slowly Ron's mind drifted off to a place where the pain no longer existed. At first he barely realised the changes; it wasn't until the third time Rabastan ran his fingers between Ron's cheeks that he realised it could not be an accident.

Weakly he tried to move away from the fingers, only to hear Rabastan whisper next to his ear to relax. He wasn't able to relax, which earned him a punishment. With his other hand, Rabastan grabbed Ron's balls, squeezing them until Ron moaned in discomfort. "Relax, or I'll give you something to complain about," he growled, the playful tone all gone from his voice.

Not wanting to hurt more than he already was, Ron closed his eyes and tried to calm down. "Good boy," Rabastan whispered, releasing Ron's balls. Ron thought he was safe again, but the fingers returned to his crack, slowly stroking their way up and down, pushing between the cheeks and rubbing Ron's hole.

He tried to stay quiet, but he couldn't help but instinctively pull away, especially when a rush of magic passed through the lower part of his body. He didn't understand what had happened, but he felt strangely emptier. "If my fingers slip out, I'll hurt your balls, understood?" Ron nodded, even if he really wanted to shake his head and pull away.

Ron might be able to do something if Rabastan hadn't decided to kick Ron's legs open, making it easier for him to rub his finger against the hole. Ron hated being humiliated like this, and exposed, but there was nothing he could do to stop it.

His position didn't become any better when a moan escaped his throat. "Hmm, you like that?" Rabastan asked and continued to rub his finger in circles around Ron's hole, adding more salve when needed.

Determined not to let Rabastan know just how much pleasure he felt, Ron closed his eyes and tried to think about things that would reverse the pleasure that passed through him. Thinking about gross things helped, but only a few seconds. Cursing his body for betraying him, Ron released another moan.

"That's right, lose yourself in the pleasure, it will make this so much better."

Rabastan continued to rub Ron's hole until he was betrayed again and moaned a third time. Almost as soon as the sound escaped his lips, he felt the finger press against his hole, and before he knew it, the tip of Rabastan's finger had pushed through his ring of muscles.

His reaction to the sudden intrusion was to squeeze his arse, which sent an icing pain up his back. "I'm going to take your pretty virgin hole whether you want to or not. The only choice you can make right now is if you want to continue fighting me, or relax and let me give you a nice experience."

Ron wanted to refuse and keep fighting, but he was weak, and after the weeks of torture he was only happy he hadn't lost his mind. He wanted to fight, but he didn't want to hurt more than needed, so he accepted Rabastan's offer.

"Good. Now, relax, concentrate on the pleasure." The pain was still there, making Ron think he'd never be able to feel pleasure. All of a sudden a wave of pleasure hit him, drowning the pain and sending a rush of blood to his cock. His body temperature increased as Rabastan continued to fuck his hole with his finger, slowly pulling it to the sides. Only when Ron felt a second finger press against his hole did he realise what Rabastan had been doing: stretching him.

Ron didn't know much about anal sex, he barely knew about ordinary sex, but he wasn't stupid. As much as he hated Rabastan, he was glad that he didn't take him without preparations. And to be honest, he did find some pleasure in his position.

A second finger inside his arse hurt more than he'd anticipated, but it still hurt less than torture, and it did bring him pleasure. Rabastan continued to fuck Ron with his fingers, slow at first before he increased the speed, fucking Ron so fast that Ron barely had time to gasp for air between his moans. It was definitely something he enjoyed, and while he doubted he was gay, he couldn't help thinking that he wanted Rabastan to continue.

"I think you're ready," Rabastan eventually said, pulling his fingers out of Ron. Ron wasn't sure what to expect, but for some reason he doubted Rabastan was done.

He was right. Barely a second later he heard movement of clothes behind him, which he guessed was Rabastan undressing. His breath increased when he thought about what would happen, and he couldn't help instinctively moving away from Rabastan.

"Relax, I'll make this pleasurable for you as well." The chains stopped moving when Ron realised there was no way out.

Something warm and soft positioned itself between his arse cheeks, slowly pushing against Ron's hole. He knew he should relax, and he did try, but the cock was thicker than the fingers, and the thought of him losing his virginity like that scared him.

Rabastan didn't bother about calming Ron before he pressed his cock into him. Ron squeezed his eyes together, trying to ignore the pain that increased every time Rabastan pushed deeper inside him.

"It hurts," Ron said, hoping Rabastan wouldn't punish him for talking.

He never received any reply; instead Rabastan moved one of his hands around Ron's waist and grabbed his limp cock, slowly rubbing it between his fingers. "Concentrate on your cock." Ron obeyed since he didn't want it to hurt.

Slowly his body relaxed again and most of the pain vanished, but the pleasure from before didn't return, which saddened Ron, just a bit.

Rabastan continued to play with Ron, his cock slowly hardening until Ron imagined there was a small chance he could come.

Moans filled the room as Rabastan continued to fuck Ron's virgin hole, faster and faster until Ron had difficulty standing. Releasing Ron's cock, Rabastan grabbed a hold of his hips, holding Ron as he fucked him faster and rougher.

Unable to use his legs to hold his weight up, Ron moaned in pain as his weight was moved over to his arms, and the chains cut into his wrists.

Rabastan didn't seem to care about Ron's needs any longer as he fucked him rougher. Ron tried to move his wrists so it would be less painful, but Rabastan never gave him a chance to do anything as he continued to ram Ron's arse.

"Oh yes, such a tight hole," Rabastan groaned as he continued pulling Ron's hips towards him, making Ron squirm as the chains dug deeper into his wrists.

Like an animal, Rabastan continued to fuck Ron, barely holding onto his hips as he continued to rape Ron's arse. Every sound that escaped Ron's mouth was because of the brutality of Rabastan, and because of the chains.

Whimpering in pain, Ron tried his best to relax, knowing that whenever he squeezed his arse together it hurt even more. He knew that it wouldn't be that long 'til Rabastan was done; he might not know much about sex, but he knew about male orgasms. Biting his lower lip, Ron tried to take deep breaths until Rabastan reached his orgasm, which took less than a minute.

Ron had never seen another man orgasm, least of all felt it, so he was pretty shocked when Rabastan held him and his cock pulsed as it released Rabastan's seed deep inside him.

When he was done, Rabastan pulled out and released Ron. Finally able to stand again, Ron realised just how bruised his wrists were. He didn't have a chance to worry about his hands for long before Rabastan smacked his arse, surprising him.

"I quite enjoyed that," Rabastan said. "And I wish I could stay longer, but I have a meeting to attend." From the corner of his eyes, Ron saw Rabastan lift his wand and cast a spell towards the sack the Lestranges brought in the day before. Something long and dark flew out of the bag and towards them, making Ron flinch for a second when he believed it would hit him. Rabastan grabbed the thing with one hand before he moved behind Ron.

Exhausted, Ron wasn't able to turn to see what Rabastan was doing, and simply hoped it wasn't something that hurt much.

Rabastan spread more cold salve around Ron's used hole, occasionally dipping a finger into him. Every nerve in Ron's body reacted to the touch since he was still sore after Rabastan had raped him.

"This will heal you, but just enough for you to feel pleasure." Ron wanted to say that he was sure he'd never feel pleasure again, but he was too tired to make a single word.

He did feel less sore after the salve was rubbed inside him, and surprisingly enough, Rabastan still managed to touch those few places that sent small pulses of pleasure through his body. Without warning, Rabastan's fingers pulled out, and something cold, long and big was pushed into him. Ron tried to pull away, but Rabastan held him in place with one hand while he continued to push the object, which Ron was certain was some kind of sex toy, into his already fucked hole.

Eventually the object stopped moving, which Ron guessed was because it was fully inside him.

"What's that?" Ron asked when Rabastan moved away.

"A rather fun toy that has one single goal: to give you pleasure." Ron thought about telling Rabastan that the toy only brought him discomfort when Rabastan must have turned the toy on because it sent vibrating pulses through his body, as well as slowly rolling around like it was trying to dig deeper. Ron moaned and rolled his hips, trying to move them away from the strange toy.

Suddenly it stopped, and Ron could once again breathe without it breaking every time a new wave of pleasure passed through him. "Do you like that?" Rabastan asked, slowly caressing Ron's arse cheeks. Using his wand again, another item flew out of the bag, this time small and silver. Ron didn't have a chance to look at Rabastan before the object vibrated again. However, he did feel Rabastan slip the object over his limp cock before tapping it with his wand. The ring tightened slightly, but not enough to hurt Ron.

"There, now I know you won't come before I return."

Ron opened his eyes and stared at Rabastan as he walked towards the door, the vibrating toy sending pleasurable pulses through his body. His cock was still limp, but he felt the familiar tingle that told him it wouldn't be long 'til he'd come. The last thing he saw was Rabastan's smirking face before the door closed behind him, and Ron was alone again.



Every nerve in his body replied to the vibrating in his arse. In the beginning it was more painful than pleasing, but as the magic of the salve worked its magic and healed him, Ron struggled more and more not to react to the vibrations.

His cock hardened until he was as hard as a rock and wanted to come. It didn't take long before he realised what the ring was for. He wasn't able to hold back moans as precome slowly leaked from his cock onto the floor. His arms were still attached to the chain above his head, but the pain was covered by the sexual pleasure.

Ron's feet lost their strength the longer the torture continued. He admitted that sexual torture was better than ordinary torture, but there existed a limit before pleasure turned into torture, and he'd crossed that limit a while back. Ron used the few seconds where the vibrations stopped to think about disgusting things, hoping it would reverse the reaction.

He continued like that for a long time with no success. His prick was still as hard as before, leaking, and his arse sore and sensitive. A part of him wondered if it was possible to die from an erection, while another part feared what would happen when Rabastan returned.

Ron struggled to pay attention to time as he hung there, moaning every time the vibrations started, trying not to move too much in case it would caress the spot that made him scream in agony seeing as he'd gotten too much pleasure. Even if he wasn't attentive, he did notice that the sun was almost gone.

He'd almost given up that the toy would ever be removed that night when he heard faint steps walking towards his cell. The door opened, and Rabastan entered the room, but not alone. His older brother, who didn't look half as excited as Rabastan, slowly closed the door and walked over to the other side of the room.

Ron looked at Rodolphus for a few seconds before he had to turn away; simply knowing the Lestranges looked at him, with a large toy shoved up his arse and his cock leaking, made him feel uncomfortable.

"Such a pretty sight," Rabastan said, caressing the tip of Ron's cock. His whole body trembled from the single touch and a deep groan escaped his throat. "Doesn't he look fuckable?"

Rodolphus groaned in response. The deep sound sent a shiver down Ron's spine, reminding him just how dark he was compared to his brother, who liked to play and joke far more.

"Hear that? He likes you, and as soon as I'm done with you, you'll be enjoying his prick." Ron glanced over to Rodolphus, who sat down on a sofa he'd transfigured. His eyes were dark and dangerous, and his smirk was enough to send another cold shiver down his spine.

Rabastan was the one he should fear because of all his twisted games, Ron knew that, but Rodolphus' personality was scarier than Rabastan's.

Ron's thoughts were pulled back when he felt two fingers spreading his arse cheeks. If it weren't for the vibrator starting again Ron wouldn't have reacted much, but it did, touching the sensitive spot which was sore after stimulating it the whole day.

"Did you like that, whore?" Ron closed his eyes, praying that his body wouldn't react like that again. Rabastan wasn't interested in his silence and pressed against the vibrator, pushing it further inside Ron until he couldn't stop the moan that escaped his throat.

"I asked you a question, and unless you don't like to heal after each session, you better reply." Rabastan must have grabbed the vibrator because it started to fuck Ron's arse, pulling out before pushing almost just as brutally back in.

Ron struggled to speak, especially while he was being fucked by a vibrating toy, but somehow he managed to reply. "Yes," he said, trying to swallow between each thrust.

"Yes what?"

He didn't know what Rabastan wanted to hear, but because there was no way out of it, unless he did want to be in pain, he decided to say something. "I like it," he lied.

"Really?" Rabastan said, continuing to fuck Ron with the vibrator. Ron wasn't able to hold back moans, or stop his body from trembling from the agonizing discomfort, but also occasional pleasure.

"It hurts," Ron said, hoping the truth wouldn't get him in trouble. To his surprise, Rabastan pulled the toy out of him. Ron barely had a chance to breathe before something sharp was dragged across his arse cheeks, slowly moving to his front. Ron realised it was Rabastan's nails and tried to pull away, especially when he realised the nails were heading for his cock.

A slap on his arse was all it took for Ron to stop struggling. The nails slowly moved down the length of Ron's limp cock, sending a shiver through his body. It didn't help pulling away from the nails; not only was he chained, but Rabastan was right behind him, his body pressing against Ron's, his hard cock reminding Ron about their previous meeting.

Ron continued to take deep breaths, trying his hardest not to make too many sounds that would please the Lestrange brothers. All of a sudden, after several minutes where all he felt were nails against his prick and balls, the sharpness was traded with something soft.

Confused at the sudden change, Ron looked down to see what the new object was: a feather. "I hope you're not ticklish," Rabastan's voice whispered into Ron's ear as he continued to move the feather up and down Ron's naked thighs. Ron was normally quite ticklish, but he was tired, so instead of laughing, he gasped the few times the feather caressed his sensitive balls or the head of his cock. The pleasure wasn't enough to harden his cock, but it did make him react.

He should have known that the pleasure wouldn't last for long. Almost as soon as he started relaxing, a sharp pain occurred in his shoulder. He knew exactly what it was: Rabastan's teeth.

Rabastan continued to play with the feather as he took another bite out of Ron's shoulder, making him scream again. He continued to play like that until Rodolphus spoke. Ron wasn't able to hear what it was because of his screams, but it was all it took for Rabastan to stop.

Rodolphus slowly rose and walked over to Ron. Standing in front of Ron, he wrapped his fingers around Ron's wrists that were still bound to the ceiling. "Does it hurt?" he asked after Ron hissed from the pain. Not wanting to be punished for not obeying, Ron nodded. Rodolphus then did something that surprised Ron,: he released the chains.

His arms hurt from the hours of being bound, and as they fell they almost pulled him down. If it wasn't for Rodolphus' quick reaction, he'd have crashed against the cold and hard floor. Being held in Rodolphus' arms was uncomfortable, but more comfortable than being bound.

Before he even got used to the warmth of Rodolphus, Ron felt Rabastan's fingers run along his crack, down to his still stretched hole, forcing a groan out of Ron when he entered him.

"Such lovely sounds you make," Rabastan whispered behind him, forcefully pushing his fingers into Ron again, making him him moan again. "Wouldn't you agree, brother, that his mouth makes some of the most delicious sounds you've heard?"

Ron wasn't the only one that moaned when Rabastan forced his fingers into him again; Rodolphus released a deep sound that sent a shiver down Ron's body, and not the good kind of shiver. He knew based on the sound, and the way Rodolphus looked at him, that he wanted to use Ron.

"Down on your knees," Rodolphus ordered, releasing Ron. Swallowing, Ron did as told, hoping that whatever happened next wouldn't be too horrible.

He knew, of course, what Rodolphus planned to do, especially since he was staring straight at Rodolphus' crotch. Looking up, he realised Rodolphus was smiling, but not one of the kind smiles that Ron was used to; it was a twisted smile that scared Ron.

As he expected, Rodolphus opened his trousers, revealing a cock that was larger than his brother's. Knowing the size of his prick, and where it would go, Ron felt himself back away, only to stop when his head was tugged backwards by Rabastan's fist in his hair, pulling so hard that Ron feared he'd rip out his hair.

"If you even think of biting him, you'll pay, understood?" Unable to nod, Ron's only option was to make a sound he hoped would please Rabastan enough so he would release his hair.

A few seconds later he did release Ron's hair, only for Ron to wish he hadn't when Rodolphus moved his cock closer to Ron's mouth.

He really wanted to protest, but what good would it do? He'd most likely end up flogged because he didn't obey, and then they'd still fuck him again. Defeated, Ron closed his eyes and opened his mouth, hoping the taste wouldn't make him throw up.

It wasn't the worst thing he'd tasted, the slugs back in their second year tasted far worse, but he still wished he wasn't on his knees in front of the man. "Use your tongue," Rodolphus said, slowly pushing his prick deeper into Ron's mouth until he reached the back. Ron tried to obey, lifting his tongue and running it alongside the cock, but it was difficult to do when it filled his whole mouth.

He must have done something right, because Rodolphus started groaning, encouraging him by telling him how good it felt, how warm his mouth was, and other things Ron was sure he'd say himself if someone was sucking his own cock.

After a short while his jaw started to hurt, but no matter how much he wanted to pull away, he didn't. His mind was soon pulled to another problem when Rabastan started running his fingers up and down Ron's crack again, occasionally pushing a finger inside him.

Ron almost did well; he was able to control some of his gag reflexes, as well as avoid moaning every time Rabastan entered him. His arse was less sensitive than before, but it was still uncomfortable every time something brushed against that spot that brought him a lot of pleasure in the beginning.

A feeling of being emptied passed through his lower parts, and while Rabastan didn't speak, Ron almost knew what to expect next.

Things changed as soon as Rabastan pressed his cock against Ron's hole, which he coated with something cold and thick—Ron guessed it was some sort of lubricant. As soon as Ron was forced down on all fours, and Rodolphus got down on his knees, Ron found it far more difficult to control his throat, especially when Rabastan forcefully slammed into him, making him swallow more of Rodolphus' cock. He tried to relax, but the tears wouldn't stay away as he was choking on the cock. A part of him, the twisted part that had mostly accepted his position, found the thought almost exciting.

Refusing to listen to that part, Ron tried to pull away, only for Rodolphus to grab his face and keep it in place as he pushed faster, deeper and harder into his throat. There was nothing Ron could do; he couldn't move, he couldn't stop the tears because he was gagging, and he almost couldn't breathe. All he could do right then was to hope that everything would end soon.

The brothers continued to fuck him in both ends, occasionally pulling his hair or spanking his bottom, making him squirm. They continued like that for another two minutes before Rodolphus lost all control and came deep inside his throat. During those few seconds, Ron struggled to breathe and feared he'd suffocate, which would save him from future pain and humiliation, but he never passed out.

When Rodolphus was done he pulled out of Ron's mouth, which would have made it slightly easier for Ron if Rabastan wasn't pounding into his arse so hard that Ron struggled to hold his weight up.

He tried to breathe while Rabastan fucked his arse. His mouth was open, and both spit and come dropped on the floor beneath him. Embarrassed, Ron closed his eyes and successfully tried to think of something else.

Rabastan dug his fingers into Ron's hips, and Ron knew he was close. A few seconds later the room was filled with loud groans as Rabastan came deep inside Ron. The force of his come was so strong that Ron could feel his cock filling him, pumping out come until Ron felt slightly dizzy.

"Are you exhausted?" Rabastan asked just as Ron's body collapsed on the floor. He tried his hardest to avoid the puddle of spit and come, but realised very quickly that he didn't care any longer.

"We'll let you sleep now," Rabastan said and stood. Ron thought he was done, that they would both leave, but Rabastan had one last thing he wanted to do before he left. Parting Ron's cheeks with his fingers, he poured something cold down his crack. The liquid, most likely lubricant, was then smeared around Ron's hole. Ron expected that Rabastan would enter him again, but he never expected two fingers inside him, pulling his hole open. In the beginning Ron was confused, but then more liquid was poured inside him, filling him even more than he already was.

He soon realised what would happen next when he saw Rodolphus in the corner of his eye, holding something large, and black. Defeated, Ron closed his eyes and tried to relax, hoping it would hurt less that way.

It didn't hurt as much as it was uncomfortable having something in his arse that widened him. As Rodolphus slowly pushed the butt plug inside him, Ron felt himself be widened more and more, until he was sure he'd rip. He was still whole when the tip of the toy rested between his cheeks.

Ron braced himself for the vibration he feared would keep him up all night, but it never came, and the brothers left soon after that with a warning not to take the butt plug out of his arse.

Not wanting to sleep on the wet floor, Ron tried to crawl over to his trousers, somehow managing to pull them on while the toy moved inside him. He almost feared he wouldn't be able to sleep with the butt plug, but as soon as he was ready, his eyes closed and he was pulled away from the horrible cell to a place where the brothers couldn't hurt him.

Click here for part two.
Tags: !fic, character: bill, character: rabastan, character: rodolphus, character: ron, exchange: 2013, pairing: rabastan/rodolphus, pairing: rabastan/ron, pairing: rodolphus/ron, pairing: ron/bill, threesome: rabastan/ron/rodolphus, type: slash
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