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Your Silent Whispers (Part II of II) - A gift for sonata_de_morte!

Title: Your Silent Whispers
Author: leontinabowie
Recipient: sonata_de_morte
Pairing(s): Draco/Harry
Word Count: 12900
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Language, dub-con, bondage, sex, slight D/s
Summary: When his rival lands in the dungeons of Malfoy Manor, Draco thinks of a brilliant way to humiliate him. But keeping Harry Potter prisoner is tougher than it seems, and Draco begins to question all that he believes in.
Author's Notes: This is the first time I've written anything substantial in Draco's POV, and I hope I wrote him correctly. I hope you like what I've written, sonata_de_morte. I tried to fit in as many of your likes as I could.
Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, and make no profit from this work.

Part Two

Draco moaned as he rolled his hips, fucking himself on Harry's cock.

Harry, who had somewhere along the line stopped being Potter, was tied spread-eagle on the bed, thick ropes wrapped around his bony wrists and ankles. His eyes were shut, and he was gasping as Draco rocked over his cock.

Draco and Harry had been fucking a lot, and always fucking – never making love. And each time, Draco would tie Harry down and pound into him roughly, leaving murky green and blue bruises on Harry's bony hips, and angry red marks on his neck and collar bone. This was the first time Draco was receiving, at least from Harry. He preferred topping, but it got boring doing the same thing every time. Besides, tying Harry down still allowed Draco the dominance he so craved, and Harry seemed to equally enjoy being bound and dominated.

Draco quickened his movements, moving up and down on the cock inside of him. It stretched him deliciously, and each time Draco moved, the head of Harry's cock would brush against his prostate, and send a wave of pleasure coursing through Draco.

Emerald eyes snapped open, and Harry threw his head back, cursing as he released inside of Draco, and Draco wasn't far behind, spilling over Harry's stomach.

Draco clambered off Harry, releasing the other boy's bonds and cleaning the sticky residue on his stomach. He threw himself back onto his bed, lying beside Harry.

"Do you want me to move?" Harry asked after a moment, still sounding breathless, and Draco felt a small smile trying to escape.

"No," Draco answered."You're fine tonight."

Harry turned on his side, and leant down to Draco, pressing a chaste kiss to his lips. He pulled away blushing, and Draco gingerly pressed a finger against where Harry's lips had been moments before. The kiss was nothing special; nothing more than a quick touch of lips, but it felt so…right. Harry tasted sweet, and Draco wanted to roll over to Harry and kiss him again, push his tongue into his mouth and spend the night just kissing Harry, but his body couldn't do it, no matter how much his mind wanted to.

They said no more to each other that night, and in the morning, Draco awoke with a warm form beside him.

He gazed down at Harry's sleeping form, a mix of conflicting emotions running through him. Harry was supposed to be his enemy; how did it come to this? And why didn't he want to stop? Merlin, he and Harry had kissed last night, and Draco had loved it. What kind of person ended up with feelings for their prisoner? And even more important, what kind of person ended up with feelings for someone holding them prisoner? Draco's head was so messed up, though it comforted Draco to know Harry seemed as equally fucked up.

Harry stirred, and his eyelids started to flutter. Draco froze; he couldn't face Harry right now. What was he supposed to say? 'I really enjoyed the sex, and the kiss even more, but you hurt my mind?' Draco didn't even know if he could fight the urge to kiss Harry again; it was almost like he was in – no, of course he had no feelings like that towards Harry.

Harry shifted once more, and Draco leapt from the bed, tearing from the room. Draco didn't want to see Harry right now, and though he didn't like to admit it, he truly was a coward.


Draco didn't return to his room that night, choosing to sleep in a guest room instead. He knew it was petty, and why should he be scared of going into his room, but he couldn't be around Harry right now. Who knew what he would do?

Of course, Draco hadn't counted on the Dark Lord turning up unexpectedly; not that the man ever announced he would be visiting, but he had been to the manor only days before, and had no reason to come again so soon.

Plus the fact the Dark Lord was eyeing Draco menacingly sent shivers down his spine.

"So, Draco," the Dark Lord said coldly, eyes flashing dangerously red. "I heard some very interesting information recently, from Potter's friends, no less."

Draco's blood chilled, turning to ice within his veins. Harry's friends had been unable to rescue him, though Draco didn't doubt that they had tried, but surely they wouldn't be so stupid as to tell people that he was in Draco's captivity? It was impossible to know who to trust, and any information could get back to the Death Eaters.

"Yes," the Dark Lord continued, caressing the tip of his wand. Draco's eyes darted about the room; the windows were beyond the Dark Lord, and the door was a bit of a sprint away. The portrait of his distant ancestor Flavius Malfoy was to his right though, and the passage behind that would lead him to the upper hallway. "The Mudblood and the blood-traitor Weasley boy have broken into Hogwarts, and the portraits overheard them describing how Potter never escaped from the manor, because you kept him as your own prisoner. The Carrows told me straight away, but I couldn't believe that you, Draco, would keep such a thing from me."

The Dark Lord's tone was mocking, and Draco leapt to his right without a second thought, yanking the portrait open and jumping inside the passage, and out of the corner of his eye he caught a flash of green light engulf the space he had just been standing.

He hurried down the passageway, hearing his mother scream for him in the background. Fuck, he had never considered what the Dark Lord might do to his parents, but if he went back now, Draco would be killed, leaving Harry to be murdered.

Heart pounding in his chest, palms sweaty and hands shaking, Draco finally emerged in the corridor, allowing him life-saving time. The Dark Lord wouldn't be far behind though, so he had to hurry.

He barged into his room, where Harry was desperately trying to push the bookshelf aside with one hand, the other clutched over his forehead, where pale skin merged into angry red, mostly hidden by Harry's fingers.

Draco didn't know how Harry knew where the entrance to the secret passage in his room was, but they didn't have time for that. Grabbing for his wand, Draco grasped hold of Harry's arm and Apparated, the last thing he saw being the door swinging open to reveal a tall, pale bringer of death.

The Dark Lord's scream of rage rang in Draco's ears, but then they were in the Shrieking Shack, away from the Dark Lord and safe for now.

"Draco?" Harry whispered, as Draco pulled him into the shadows.

Draco jolted as Harry rounded on him, yanking hold of Draco's wand and trying to force it out of his grip. Draco tensed, trying to hold on, but Harry was surprisingly strong considering his underweight frame, and the dark haired boy achieved victory of the wand.

"I'm better at defence magic than you," Harry said lowly, and Draco realised Harry hadn't wanted it to hurt Draco with, and rather for self-defence in case of attack."What's happened?"

"The Dark Lord got tipped off to your whereabouts. Those friends of yours are in Hogwarts, but they didn't realise that portraits can be followers of the Dark Lord, too," Draco answered, and Harry winced.

"What? They're in Hogwarts? Now?" Harry questioned, and Draco nodded.

"We've got to find a way to get in without being seen," Draco mused aloud. "Hogsmede has Caterwauling Charms on after dark, and in the day the area is crawling with Death Eaters. We can't stay here too long; the Dark Lord comes here sometimes, and he probably knows we'd be coming to Hogwarts."

"There's a tunnel from the shack going to the Whomping Willow," Harry said quietly, beckoning Draco with his finger.

He led Draco to a small opening in the floor, and they dropped down into a narrow, muddy tunnel. They walked quickly, and Draco wished the tunnel would end soon. He felt nauseous, and he half expected the Dark Lord to be waiting around every turn, having tricked them into returning to the school, but no obstacles ever came up.

"Why did you come with me?" Harry asked, his voice echoing through the tunnel.

"The Dark Lord knew what I had done; I was as good as dead," Draco answered, finding himself unable to look Harry in the eye. "I had to leave my mother behind as well, thanks to you."

Harry hmmed. "Voldemort won't kill her, or your father. He's probably tortured them, because that seems to be his favourite hobby aside from hunting me, but he wouldn't lose control and murder them; he'd wait for you to be around to see it." Draco thought Harry had a valid point. "No, I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who can make Voldemort lost control."

"He's not the only one that happens to," Draco muttered, and he meant it. If Harry could affect the Dark Lord in such a way, surely it didn't matter that Draco had all these conflicted emotions over the irritatingly wonderful Harry Potter.

"Is that why you were too scared to see me after I kissed you?" Harry asked casually, and Draco stopped dead.

"I was not scared," he hissed, and Harry laughed.

"Were too," Harry retorted childishly. "So you didn't mind it then?"

"Of course not," Draco lied, puffing out his chest.

"Good," Harry announced, and then he clutched Draco's shirt, pulled him towards him, and mashed their lips together.

He let go just as quickly, and gave Draco a teasing smirk as he pulled back.

Harry began to walk again, but Draco refused to let Harry think he had won this round. The Dark Lord be damned, Draco rushed after Harry, grabbing hold of him and slamming him into the side of the tunnel and kissing him deeply.

Harry gasped in surprise, and Draco took the opportunity to slide his tongue into Harry's mouth. He tasted just as sweet as Draco had hoped, like honey and almonds, and his mouth was warm, and intoxicating.

He reluctantly let Harry go, not wanting to be taken by surprise by the Dark Lord or any other Death Eaters, though he supposed kissing Harry would be a nice way to die, at the very least.

Harry looked surprised, and his eyes were wide with shock and lust.

"I do believe I have finally managed to make you speechless," Draco said triumphantly, finally feeling like he had beaten Harry at his own game. "Shall we hurry before they catch us?"

Harry nodded, mouth still hanging open, and he led on in silence until they came to a small upwards slope.

"Thank you," Harry said quietly, his hand hovering above his head.

"What for?" Draco questioned, bewildered.

"There's a good chance I might die today," Harry answered vaguely, and he gave Draco a genuine smile, and Draco found himself returning the gesture, his own smile widening when Harry's eyes light up. Draco's stomach flipped, and he cursed his body's reaction to Harry.

Draco hoped Harry didn't die, or else he could never figure this out.


They finally emerged from the tunnel, coming out at the Whomping Willow. The sky was darkening, and though it wasn't quite night yet, the lack of light allowed them to move unseen through the grounds of Hogwarts.

Harry, who seemed to have taken over the escape mission, led Draco to a section by the Forbidden Forest, and sent off a Patronus in the form of stag running to the castle – Draco didn't ask what the point of it was. He had never been able to produce a Patronus, and it had irritated him ever since he learnt Harry could produce a corporeal one in their third year.

They stood around in an awkward silence for a few minutes, both of them on the alert at each little noise they heard; perhaps standing by the Forbidden Forest hadn't been Harry's greatest idea, but as Draco mused on this, a Stinging Hex hit him dead in the chest and he hissed, clutching his pained torso.

He glared into the space around them, but he could see nobody who could have cast the charm, and Harry's, or rather Draco's, wand was by the other boy's side.

"Stop it!" Harry hissed into the open space, stepping in front of Draco.

Draco watched over Harry's shoulder as Granger and Weasley appeared out of thin air, a shimming material tossed over Weasley's arm.

"You complete dick!" Weasley growled, wand raised as he stormed towards Draco, but Harry waved his hands wildly, stepping back to cover Draco even more.

"Ron, stop it," Harry repeated, his tone icy. Weasley lowered his wand, throwing Draco a nasty look. Granger was eyeing Draco with equal contempt and her wand was twitching in her grasp. "Draco helped me escape."

"Draco?" Weasley mouthed, his nose wrinkling in disgust, and looking much like a fish out of water.

"He wouldn't have needed to help you escape if he hadn't abducted you in the first place," Granger said coldly, and Weasley nodded like the obedient lapdog he was.

"That doesn't matter," Harry argued, but he stopped speaking as three distinct forms appeared in the distance.

There was a chubby boy Draco recognised straight away as Longbottom, a girl with very Weasley hair, and another girl with straggly blonde locks who Draco knew was Luna Lovegood. Harry truly did have odd friends; Draco told himself that it was good for his friendship to have been rejected, if that was the case.

The Girl Weasley and Longbottom had their wands drawn at the sight of Draco, but Luna just smiled serenely at him. Luna always did unnerve him; after everything they'd done to her, she treated Draco as a friend, simply because he brought her food and water. They had spent many nights talking, sometimes about the war, and sometimes about nothing in particular, but never once had she judged him, and that was not a normal experience for Draco, at least not outside of his Slytherin friends.

"What's he doing here?" Girl Weasley hissed, her eyes running up and down Harry's body which was still standing protectively in front of Draco.

"Draco helped me," Harry repeated for the new arrivals. "He never once tried to turn me over to Voldemort, but then Voldemort found out I was at Malfoy Manor, so we had to leave."

"All thanks to you," Draco added, smiling mockingly at the group.

"How the hell was it our fault?" Weasley demanded, shaking his fist at Draco.

"You know when they said not to trust anyone? That means anyone, including portraits," Draco supplied, smirking as Weasley and Granger paled. Granger looked particularly distressed at missing such an important piece of information.

"It doesn't matter," Harry cut in, waving his hand dismissively. "The point is, I'm here now, thanks to Draco. Voldemort tried to kill him, and he had to leave his parents behind, too."

"He won't kill them, you know." Luna mirrored Harry's words from earlier, twirling her hair around her wand. "I think if he was going to do that, he'd wait to do it in front of you."

"Anyway, what matters is that Voldemort will know I'm here now, and he is going to come," Harry stated seriously. "Did you manage to do, you know?"

"There's only Nagini left." Granger smiled, and Weasley looked strangely triumphant. Draco had no idea what they were talking about, but Harry seemed to relax, his body slackening in relief.

"Great". Harry grinned, and he finally uncovered Draco, moving to stand by Granger and Weasley. "Luna, Ginny, Neville; is there any way you could let Draco come with you?"

"Of course." Luna nodded as Longbottom and Girl Weasley shook their heads no.

"Well maybe I don't want to be with you either," Draco commented snidely, looking up and down the pair with a grimace.

"Draco, you are wandless, and Voldemort has most likely given his Death Eaters the order to kill you on sight," Harry said with a sigh. "Guys, please; I stole his wand, so he's basically a sitting duck otherwise."

"A what?" four voices questioned, bewildered, including Draco.

"Muggle phrase," Granger explained hastily.

"I'm happy to do so." Luna smiled. "I like Draco."

Girl Weasley threw a questioning look at her blonde friend, but she nodded in defeat.

"Fine, but I'm doing this for you, Harry," Girl Weasley muttered, and Longbottom nodded along with her.

Just great—he had those two losers thinking he was some desperate child who needed protection. Even without a wand Draco was sure he would be a better fighter than Longbottom.

"Are you three not coming with us?" Longbottom questioned, turning his focus to Harry, Weasley and Granger.

"Not yet," Granger answered.

"Keep yourselves safe," Harry said, his eyes lingering on Draco's face.

He and his two lackeys turned away, but Draco reached his hand out, grasping hold of Harry's skinny wrist.

Harry turned back, his face holding an expression of anxious determination, which softened as he looked into Draco's eyes.

"Don't die on me," Draco said firmly, and a faint smile tugged at Harry's lips.

Harry opened his mouth as if to respond, but shut it, deciding against whatever he had been planning on saying.

And then he was gone, and Draco suddenly felt empty, as though all the light had been taken from his soul. He had meant what he had said; Harry Potter had better not die on him.


As Harry had expected, the Dark Lord had soon launched an attack on Hogwarts.

The Professors and members of Dumbledore's group had managed to keep the Dark Lord and the Death Eaters out for an impressive amount of time, but when the Dark Lord wanted something, he got it.

Eventually the wards around Hogwarts were breached, and a fight broke out amongst the grounds. Draco had to step over countless bodies of people he knew ; both the dead and the injured lay amongst the ruins of the school.

Once the fighting started, Longbottom and Girl Weasley seemed to take having Draco with them more seriously, and Girl Weasley managed to stop a Death Eater before he could finish the Killing Curse he had been trying to cast at Draco. Harry had been right in knowing that Draco would be nothing to the Dark Lord now, and therefore prey to any Death Eater who got the chance to eliminate him.

Longbottom had even given Draco a wand he had found, though he didn't say if it had been from a Death Eater or not, but when Draco first held it, the wood had been warm and sticky with a red residue.

It was a wand though, no matter if it had come from a dead person, and even if it didn't work perfectly for him, it was better than being defenceless.

The Dark Lord had sent a message out to Hogwarts, saying he would cease his attack for an hour, but in which time Harry must surrender or else he would continue his massacre until all who opposed him were dead.

There had been no sign of Harry since then, but the lack of further communication from the Dark Lord made Draco hope Harry hadn't given in. The thought of Harry dead caused bile to rise in his throat, and his stomach seemed heavy, as though there was a rock inside of it that grew with each moment.

They had gathered in the Great Hall, where the dead and injured lay on stretchers, with their loved ones gathered around.

Girl Weasley—Ginny, as she was known as to her family—was grieving with them over her dead brother. Draco knew him as one of the twins, but he wasn't sure which one it was. Seeing their family, who Draco had so often mocked for being so large and poor, appearing so loving and connected made Draco feel a stab of envy eat away at him.

Longbottom had disappeared some time ago, and Draco had been left with Luna. He couldn't say he was bothered about losing the other two, but he was very grateful for Luna's presence.

He felt like an outsider, as though he didn't belong there. Everyone else was grieving, all because of a group of people that, until today, Draco had supported, no matter if it had mainly been because there was no way of leaving.

Draco could feel eyes glaring at him, and though he didn't particularly care for anyone there, it wasn't a nice feeling to be blamed, especially when he hated it as much as all of them.

The hall was silent, until the Dark Lord's voice filtered through again, telling them that Harry had tried to escape and been killed in the process.

Draco felt a chill run through his veins. Harry couldn't be…dead. He just couldn't.

Why would Harry have tried to escape? That wasn't who Harry was; apparently he had known where the secret passage in Draco's room was, but he had never used it. Harry had a thing for saving people, and he certainly wouldn't have left all these people to die. The Dark Lord had to be lying, he just had to be.

But then the Dark Lord came through, a chained Hagrid standing behind him with a familiar figure in his large arms.

Draco felt his knees hit the floor, and wails of agony sounded throughout, one of them being his. Luna placed a gentle hand on his shoulder, but Draco felt no warmth. Everything was cold and he was empty, and he couldn't draw his eyes away from Harry's gaunt, pale, still face.

Longbottom appeared, boldly defying the Dark Lord, but why did that matter? None of that mattered now that Harry was dead.

Draco forced back the tears that were stinging at his eyes, but like the others around him, there was no time to grieve when battle was commencing.

It was a giant that broke the calm, running towards Hagrid and shouting an attempt of his name. The shout caught the attention of the other giants though, and then there was chaos, with giants and centaurs, and spells flying from every direction.

Draco threw a Stunning Spell at a masked Death Eater who had their wand aimed at Luna.

The Dark Lord emitted a scream of fury, and there was a short pause where everyone turned to see Longbottom standing tall, sword in hand, and the headless corpse of the giant snake Nagini at his feet.

What had Harry's lackeys said earlier? Only Nagini was left? Draco had no idea why it was important, but now Nagini was dead, triumph coursed through Draco's veins.
The fighting started once more, and Luna grasped his wrist, trying to pull them away from the midst of the battle, lest they be caught mid-fire from other people's fights. They ducked as spells came from every direction and flew over their heads to other targets.

Draco looked in time to see Mother Weasley throw a spell at his Aunt Bellatrix, hitting her directly over her heart. Bellatrix clutched her chest, a look of shock and horror crossing over her face for a split second, and then she fell lifeless to the floor.

Though she may have been his aunt, and though she adored him, Draco felt no sadness at seeing her corpse lying before him, nor any regret. Where it should have been, in its place he felt freedom.

The Dark Lord screamed once more, the sound sending a blast of air in a circle around him. He was not as angry as he had been when the snake had been decapitated, but he was still furious at the loss of his most loyal follower and his red eyes turned on his aunt's killer.

The Dark Lord's wand was raised at Mother Weasley, but then Harry's familiar voice rang out through the hall, and then he was there, breathing and very much alive, his Invisibility Cloak crumpling at his feet.

The Dark Lord's face fell, and the pure loathing on his face was clear. The Dark Lord didn't often show his emotions on his face, but Harry was clearly the exception.

The two enemies turned towards each other, and Harry demanded that nobody else help him. Draco saw a number of faces that looked as though they wanted to argue, but Harry waved them off.

Everyone, be they Death Eater or not, stood staring, frozen, not knowing what would happen. Draco could see Harry's face clearly from where he was standing, and he looked determined and ready, with eyes only for the Dark Lord.

Harry and the Dark Lord taunted each other, mocking the other for their weaknesses. Harry explained that he had died for everyone, his sacrifice protecting them all from the Dark Lord's wrath. How could Harry have died for them? There was no way to come back to life; but then, his body had looked so lifeless. The Dark Lord must have checked over the body, surely? Draco's eyes filtered across the hall, locking with his mother's. She gave him a knowing look, and Draco felt his heart leap; his mother had lied to protect Harry—his Harry.

Draco's focus was turned back onto the Dark Lord and Harry as he heard his name mentioned.

"The true master of the Elder Wand was Draco Malfoy," Harry taunted the Dark Lord, his eyes flashing darkly. "But I disarmed Draco; I wonder if your wand knows that. If it does, I am the true master of the Elder Wand."

Draco had been the master of the Elder Wand? As in the Deathly Hallow? Surely not? That would just legend. Surely?

The Dark Lord roared, and the Killing Curse left his lips, sending a course of green light towards Harry. Harry shouted 'Expelliarmus', and Draco flinched; how would the Disarming Charm stop the Killing Curse?

But the green and red lights met, and golden flames spewed from the centre. The Dark Lord's eyes widened as his wand flew from his grip, and then the green light rebounded, striking the Dark Lord above his heart. His eyes widened as he fell backwards, and then he was still, dead for good, and Harry was left with two wands in his hands.

There was a moment where the silence was deafening, but then a pin dropped, and the hall exploded in cheers. Peeves was singing a joyous song, people were clapping and laughing, and Death Eaters tried to Apparate away, with terrified expressions marred on their faces.

Draco lost sight of Harry in the mass of people who were rushing forwards to hug him, to show Harry the gratitude they felt towards him for finally ridding the world of such evil.

All around, families were re-uniting, friends coming together, but Draco could see no sign of his parents any longer, nor any of his friends. Amongst such happiness, Draco felt oddly distant and alone, and though he was overjoyed that the Dark Lord was dead, and he could be free of the Dark Mark that stained his arm, he still felt empty.

He battled through the crowd and into the ruins of the Entrance Hall. It had seemed so many years ago now that he came to Hogwarts through those doors for the very first time, trying to seem unfazed by the wondrous building. Now that wonder was gone, and he pondered if he would ever see such a thing again.

"Draco! Draco!" a voice called, but Draco must be imagining things, because out of all the people Harry would want to see right now, Draco would clearly be the bottom of the list, considering he had held Harry prisoner for two months.

But then warm arms wrapped around his middle, and a head rested on his shoulder, burying his face into Draco's shirt. Draco caught a glimpse of a black mop out of the corner of his eye, and he shrugged Harry off him, turning to embrace Harry properly.

They stood like that for a while, taking comfort in one another. All doubts were erased from Draco's mind as he held Harry, and the loneliness he had felt moments earlier seemed to evaporate, replaced with pleasant warmth.

"I told you I wouldn't die," Harry said with a small smile, pulling out of Draco's embrace. His eyes looked somewhat mischievous though, and he shifted as though keeping a secret. Strange boy, Harry was.

"Good," Draco replied, suddenly unsure of what to say. Did he say thank you? Was that stupid?

"You really did help me; your wand especially," Harry continued, his tone half-joking.

"Glad I could help." Draco shrugged, eyeing Harry cautiously. He felt that a goodbye may be coming, and he didn't want that. His heart was pounding in his chest, and his fingers twitched, wanting nothing more to bury them in Harry's hair.

"I don't suppose you... ?" Harry started, looking down to the floor as his cheeks blazed red. "Er, I mean, I want to stay with you. If you want that, I mean, I know I shouldn't be presumptuous but..."

Draco hauled Harry towards him and mashed their lips together. Harry gasped at the sudden gesture, but soon melted into the kiss, writhing his tongue against Draco's.

They pulled back for air, and doubts started to creep back into Draco's mind. He couldn't believe this to be true, as much as he wanted it.

"You know, I found that secret passageway in your room a few weeks ago," Harry said calmly, as though he had read Draco's mind. "I always thought my scar would let me know when Voldemort was near, and I would need a way out."

"Why didn't you escape anyway?" Draco asked, genuinely curious about the answer.

"I didn't want to; you needed me," Harry replied, making Draco frown.

"How did I need you?" he questioned, appalled at the very idea.

"You were stuck in a world you didn't fit in with. I knew that as soon as I saw you lower your wand the night Dumbledore died. I didn't feel right leaving you alone. Besides, I needed you just as much," Harry said with a small shrug, lowering his head. Draco grasped his chin, tilting his head until emerald met grey.

"And how did you need me?" Draco pressed on, and Harry blushed again.

"Your idea of humiliation, or whatever, was nothing. You are so pampered and spoilt, you thought menial housework would break me, but my aunt and uncle had me trained in that by the time I was seven. When I behaved, you gave me food; my aunt and uncle fed me scraps whenever they felt like doing so. My childhood bedroom was the cupboard under the stairs; your floor was a luxury compared to that," Harry explained, the glimpse into his childhood a contrast from what Draco believe it to be. "And even when we, you know, got more, er, intimate, it felt, good, I suppose. Being tied up made me feel safe and secure, like I was being looked after for a change. You saw all those people who were counting on me to defeat Voldemort, but I was never that to you. I really did appreciate that."

"You have a weird mind, Potter," Draco muttered, but a smile tugged at his lips. He pulled Harry flush against him, resting their foreheads together. "But I would have no objection to you staying with me. The manor holds bad memories for us both; we'll find somewhere new, just the two of us."

"I'd like that," Harry smiled, and then his lips were on Draco's. They were sweet, and tasted of honey and almonds.

This was the start of a new era, a new beginning, and Draco had everything he needed.

Tags: !fic, character: draco, character: harry, exchange: 2013, pairing: harry/draco, type: slash
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