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Master List: The Reveal 2011/2012!

The third round of hp_prisonerfest has come to end, and it's time to announce the wonderful authors and artists who created our lovely gifts. It's been another incredible year with an amazing quality of both fic and art produced, and we're exceptionally grateful for all your hard work. We've had a great time modding and we hope you enjoyed yourselves too!

Participant usernames have been added to all entries, and all fic and art has been stored in our memories with the labels 'Het', 'Slash', 'Femmeslash', 'Gen' and 'Threesome'. The archive, which can be found here, is currently being updated with all your fics and artwork. Statistics have also been added. All participants are now free to post their stories elsewhere and reply to their comments. Don't forget to check our [community profile] hp_prisonerfest & [info]hp_prisonerfest communities for any comments left there!

Speaking of statistics, our most popular pairings were Draco/Hermione and Harry/Draco, which were actually the only pairings that had more than one fic written for them. We had a lot of variety this year. Our most popular characters were Draco, Hermione and Bellatrix. If you are interested in more statistics for this years fest, you can find them on our archive here :)

We want to say a massive thank you to all of our lovely pinch hitters, especially to knowmefirst and pristineungift, who completed their regular assignment and managed to pinch hit too! We were extremely impressed by the number of people who came forward to pinch hit and we're very grateful to each and every one of you. You're all lifesavers! We'd also like to give a special shout out to d_andru, who was so very helpful towards the end of the fest ♥ Gifts with an asterisk (*) at the end of them were completed by a pinch hitter.

We'd also like to say thank you to the lovely rzzmg, who made the beautiful banners you saw on some fics.

Stay tuned, as there will be a surprise on Tuesday for all participants, regular and pinch hitters :) Without further ado, here are the reveals!

aleysiasnape wrote An Unlikely Situation for pristineungift *

d_andru wrote In Another Lifetime for aleysiasnape *

daiseechain wrote Cadence for secretsalex

flyingharmony wrote Lose Control for roadkill2580

gamma_x_orionis wrote Predator in Captivity for flyingharmony

knowmefirst wrote Dark and Intense is his Love for The Community

knowmefirst drew I'll Wait for You Until the Moon Wanes for naturegirlrocks *

misselizabeth12 wrote His Pretty Little Maid for The Community

naturegirlrocks wrote The Toy for knowmefirst

perfect_pride wrote Acceptance for The Community

pristineungift drew I Am Your Punishment for daiseechain

pristineungift drew The Dragon and the Mortal for matchsticks *

reynardo wrote Small Things for perfect_pride *

roadkill2580 wrote Finsternis for gamma_x_orionis

rzzmg wrote To Be Brave for misselizabeth12

secretsalex wrote A Performance Agreed Upon for slythrngodss

slythrngodss wrote Getting Home for wintervixen86

surreal_angela wrote Choices For The Future Made for rzzmg *

Thank you for another wonderful round. We hope to see you back here next year! ♥
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