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Master List: The Reveal 2010!

We have had an absolutely amazing second year of hp_prisonerfest, with lots of brilliantly written fic and fantastically drawn art. It was so much fun modding again this year, and we thank you all for coming back and playing with us again!

All fics and artwork will be stored in our memories over the coming days, with the old labels 'Het', 'Slash', 'Femmeslash' and 'Gen' along with a new one this year: 'Threesome'. The archive, which can be found here, has been updated with all your fics and artwork. The layout there has already been changed to reflect the design of this years fest, and statistics have been added.

Speaking of statistics, our most popular pairing was Harry/Draco, with Draco/Hermione coming in second, and our most popular characters were Draco, Hermione and Harry. If you are interested in more statistics for this years fest, you can find them on our archive here :) 

I want to say a massive thank you to all our pinch hitters, particularly silenceberry who wrote two pinch hits as well as her regular assignment! We were impressed at the number of participants who also came forward to pinch hit as well as being a regular participant, and we also welcomed those who weren't already a part of the fest. We were glad to have you, and we couldn't have done it without any of you, so we're very grateful! You're lifesavers, all of you xD Fanworks with an asterisk (*) at the end of them were completed by a pinch hitter.

All the drop outs of this years fest have been mentioned on our archive, so if you're interested to know who they were, you can find that information here. Only one of them will be allowed back next year, because they dropped out with plenty of notice. We would like to offer our sincere apologies to those participants whose gifts had to be given to the community.

Stay tuned, as there will be a surprise later on for all participants, regular and pinch hitters :) So, onto the reveals!

a_shadow_there wrote Dear Sister for the community

aleysiasnape wrote Conquered for curia_regis

aj_socks wrote Angels and Devils for the community

chemical_haven wrote Hold Out for the community

chemical_haven wrote Betrayed for eprime *

curia_regis wrote Sweet Revenge for the community

deathjunke drew Untitled for the community

eprime wrote Recruitment for silenceberry

fbs_fic wrote Speak for khasael *

fiendish_thingy drew Plaything for a_shadow_there

ultrasonicbop wrote Empty for the community

hollywoodlawn wrote Our Ferret of the Flowers for scarletscarlet

khasael wrote Endurance for ratherbsailing

krhviolin wrote Tainted for supersonicchica

incandescent wrote The Dead for fiendish_thingy

lonefranc wrote He Falls, Like A White Bird Through The Sky for rynstar15

marsdeafaden wrote Villa for aleysiasnape

misanagi wrote Half In Two for aj_socks *

rivertempest wrote What Rough Beast for the community *

rynstar15 wrote The Game for incandescent

serpenscript drew Every Kind of Wrong (For All the Right Reasons) for ultrasonicbop

scarletscarlet drew Three Years for the community

silenceberry wrote Forever His for deathjunke

silenceberry wrote Payment Rendered for hollywoodlawn *

silenceberry wrote Bought And Paid For for chemical_haven *

ratherbsailing wrote Subsistence for lonefranc

supersonicchica wrote A Bad Case of Divination for krhviolin

supersonicchica wrote Empty Promises for serpenscript *

uniquepov wrote Tribute for marsdeafaden *

It's been a brilliant year, and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did :) We can't wait for the 2011 fest, so hope to see you there! If there are any mistakes on this list, please let us know and we'll fix it asap.
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