Fairy (scarletladyy) wrote in hp_prisonerfest,

Deadline Approaching!

The deadline is fast approaching and is only a few days away now. Your submissions are due on the 1st July! We've received a couple of submissions and extension requests, but haven't heard from the majority of you.

If you do need an extension, now is the time to ask! The same if you need to drop out. If you have not sent us a submission or asked for an extension a couple of days after the deadline, we will have to assume you have dropped out and find a pinch hitter to replace you.

Feel free to leave a reply to this post or email us at prisonerfestmods@gmail.com to let us know if you're going to make the deadline or are likely to need an extension.

You can find our submission guidelines and header here :)

scarletladyy & pretty_panther
Tags: !mod post, exchange: 2013
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